Three Other Franchises That Deserve the Mario-Maker Treatment


Flying under the radar this year is an interesting release coming for the Wii-U called Mario-maker and I got to admit I’m pretty stoked. All my life I’ve wanted the tools available to create custom 2D Mario levels that my friends and I can play. Not only that but it looks like you will be able to share these levels online with everyone. The game also features different looks, movement, and jumping physics from many of the most beloved 2D iterations of the franchise, some of which you can switch on the fly (Mario 3 levels are back!).  The touchscreen game pad makes the implementation of how to create custom levels looks to be easy. I can’t help but think of what other old school 2 side scrollers should receive the same treatment. Here are 3 that came to mind.

1: Sonic the Hedgehog

Not many people would disagree with you on the last 15 years of Sonic being somewhat forgettable, but it’s hard to argue against the Genesis era games being ridiculously solid. The sprite art and classic music alone is almost worth buying a game like this. Imagine building long sprawling levels with multiple paths that you could race through with your friends and the online community from Sonic 1, 2, 3, Knuckles and CD. Building levels of loop de loops and bouncy springs would be tons of fun. Not to mention gliding and climbing levels specifically for Knuckles.

2: Mega Man

Here’s another no brainer but for a completely different reason. Mega Man games are hard. Like silently whisper yelling swears to yourself in the basement as a 10 year old because you lost to Cut Man for the 500th time hard! But how cool would it be to build levels using enemies, and bosses from the entire Mega Man catalogue. Mega man is an interesting case for a game like this because so much of it is based on timing, and remembering enemy patterns. Plus if you wanted an easier experience than say Mega Man 2, you could build yourself a toned down version of that game. Capcom has been doing absolutely nothing with this franchise as of late, and it would be really cool to see it put to use by fans who are still very passionate about it.

3: Pac Man

Alright….hear me out cuz this is a bit of a weird one. I think original style Pacman levels would be so cool if you could make them 3 to 5 times bigger, pac them full of fruit, tons of ghosts and make it like a 4 -16 local and online player death match where the last one to survive wins. Imagine every player starts off running for the big pills from a hoard of ghosts (like 13 Blinkys and 29 Clydes or something), but as soon as one player gets that big pill that Pac Man turns the tables and tries to eat everybody for that limited time. Sweet right?

Did I miss any 2D games that you would like to see get a level editor game?

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