10 Things You Didn’t Know about World of Warcraft Classic

WoW Classic

World of Warcraft has released many versions of the game, and the long-awaited World of Warcraft Classic is now ready to be released. Many people are talking about the game and anticipating to give it a try. The game is a product of modification of the previous versions to make it more exciting and will be released in summer 2019. If you have played World of Warcraft vanilla or the other previous versions, then you are going to get a more classic experience using this version. The improvements in the game were mainly to make it work for modern systems. Get to know more about this much-awaited game by checking out these few facts about it.

1. You can collect paths of flight

Gamers must make use of flight paths when traveling across the world for any reason. It might be meeting friends or to buy goods from the auction house. They collect the routes of flight by visiting the path and adding it to their list. Some of the players still make use of the automatic flight path and have not explored this vital feature in the game. It connects the gamer to the beautiful world as they get the view above. It is the extra mile of collecting flight paths that players will love more.

2. You can create your character

The World of Craft Classic also has a page for character creation. The gamer can choose a random name or create a new name for their favorite character. This page brings memories to the player as they will be venturing into new parts of the world. There are a variety of game characters for one to choose from as we see in The Gamer. The characters have different capabilities, and they are selected depending on the mission.

3. Starter areas will introduce you to the game

The introduction to the game welcomes the player to two starter areas which are either Tedrassil’s purple twilight or Durotar’s dry dust. The starter areas will make the gamer keep yearning to experience the game. In these areas, the character shares their stories and the burdens that they have. The player will thus know the mission ahead of him.

4. 100 million people are interested in it

According to Pulse, more than 100 million people worldwide are talking about the game. When the launch of the game was streamed on Twitch, it attracted more than 284,000 viewers. The game is becoming popular and even the ones who do not wish to play it want to share the experience with their friends.

5. You will need friends in the game

Another feature that World of Warcraft Classic brings on is the possibility of interacting with fellow players in the game. A gamer can look for a group and link up with it in the game. The players are encouraged to form a team and create relationships with people in the game. The teammates can be together through many instances, and players can get a quest experience. The more the members of the team, the more enjoyable the game becomes.

6. You will earn mounts as you continue playing

The mounts in World of Warcraft Classic increase the speed of moving in the game. Previously, you could only buy the mounts with the use of gold, and a large amount of gold was needed. The players can now earn the mounts by completing levels. The more the levels the gamer has moved, the more mounts they receive. The use of this strategy of acquiring mounts makes most players motivated to complete levels faster. As the game gets complex, the gamer can get away by using the mounts. The mounts that you arrive at the higher levels increase the speed further.

7. You will get broke as you play

Most of the operations in the game require the use of gold. A gamer who likes to have a high speed will have to purchase mounts that will facilitate the speed of the gamer. Training skills in the game are also acquired with the exchange of gold. The more the player goes levels up, the more interesting the game becomes, and this will make them use more gold. As the game progresses, the players find all their gold used up, and they sometimes cannot proceed further after exhausting the gold.

8. You will get lost along the way

While playing World of Warcraft Classic, sometimes you will not remember the next place that you should go or the next thing that you should do. This state of confusion is common, especially in the higher levels in the game. There are resources along the way that will guide you in the game. Getting lost today makes one more careful next time, and the game gets more interesting as one starts discovering all the paths through which they should navigate.

9. Humans are the most famous race

When creating a character, the gamer will pick a particular race for a class. The classes are Horde races and Alliance races. There are several available races in the game, and each race has different abilities. You choose them depending on the role that you want them to play with some of them being more enticing to play with than others. Humans are the most famous race and have a lot of skills in the game. The other races include dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf, Trolls, Orcs and undead. When you choose the human race as your character, you are more likely to hit the levels faster than when other races play the role.

10. Progressive itemization

A unique feature in World of War Classic is continuous optimization. The game has six content phases. The player will unlock the content phases progressively as they continue playing. The itemization means that the stats on the item will not change each path. According to Blizzard Watch, the previous versions had a change in the stats as one proceeds. Progressive itemization makes it possible to remove the bugs that may occur and to give the game authenticity.

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