So You Think There’s Less Customization in Diablo 3?

On the surface, if you don’t understand the new skill system of Diablo 3, you might bemoan the fact that the lack of an actual “tree” means there are less choices for you during the game. But as it turns out, each skill has about five or six “glyphs” attached to it, modifying the skill in significant ways, and it also means there are no prereqs to put skill points into a skill you’re never going to use, just to amplify a different skill later on. In short, you character will be able to spam more than one good move at super high levels.

Between this and item crafting at the blacksmith, I’m convinced that the changes made to the game are definitely going to be good. We can’t let pure nostalgia blind us, and make us think that just because something is changed from a classic game we loved, that the new game isn’t going to work. Yes, often games can end up getting worse with subsequent sequels, but I still have faith in Blizzard as a company that takes a long ass time to get things right, and I think Diablo 3 will be no exception.

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  1. “We can’t let pure nostalgia blind us.”

    THIS. The few people bitching about D3 seem to be reacting based on how they remember the game rather than what the game was actually like. The talent system was kinda crappy. So was the pot guzzling and corpse runs and scrolls and zero respecs. I’m thrilled with the changes and looking very forward to D3.

  2. One hour until I can play. I agree with this post, the beta opened my eyes and made me realize how flawed the D2 system was. Nevertheless, D2 was an addicting game too.

  3. I don’t agree at all. I’m not here to dump on Diablo 3 or you but the main fact is that there is a difference between nostalgia and a good game. The reason because there is so much nostalgia is because D2 was a great game for the time and everyone enjoyed it. Fast forward to the present and they took Diablo 2, stripped it of its RPG qualities and bam there is Diablo 3. After playing the beta I felt no need to purchase this game anymore, but that is just me.

  4. Having played quite a bit of it at this point, I gotta say a few things on this.

    First off? It’s not so much Nostalgia. I STILL play D2. I love the feeling of trying out a new build, getting to Hell difficulty, and realizing it’s woefully inadequate, and therefore time to start over from scratch. I realize that that is a personal quirk of mine, and that the majority of gamers are not represented in this regard.

    Here’s the thing though. a LOT of what I loved about Diablo, and especially about Diablo 2, is gone. Inventory management? Gone. a myriad of upgrades and socketables? Gone. Interesting and unique effects on unique armor and weapons? Gone. More than two sockets on a item? gone, near as I can tell (Perhaps more sockets will start dropping in Hell?) The Ladder? Is that there? I honestly haven’t checked. I should do that.

    The thing of it is this: Diablo 3 is a good game. But it’s got an INSANE legacy to stand up to. Diablo was revolutionary. Diablo 2 was a vast improvement to an already pretty great game. Diablo 3? It’s fun. But in a lot of ways, it feels like a step backwards.

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