V Rising will be a Mix of Fort Defense and a MMO Adventure

V Rising is a new adventure game that centers on a lowly vampire working their way up to becoming the next lord of the dark. With a little bit of crafting survival in the mix, V Rising is a top-down action-adventure venture where players will need to work their way up by collecting resources while avoiding sunlight. Even though there is a slew of vampire games in the industry today, few come in an epic scope such as this. Players will be tasked with rebuilding their castle from ruins and finding humans to devour and manipulate for your gain. Additionally, V Rising will also be an MMO where players will stand toe-to-toe with each other and try to overcome each other’s castle. Even though this somewhat sounds like a ‘fort defense’ game to a degree, there is much more to this game than what is shown at a glance.

The ultimate goal for players is to create a bustling empire full of nosferatu and establish their culture. The map in V Rising is vast and it is chock full of places to explore. Despite this game being reminiscent of other titles, the main feel that V Rising will have could be close to Diablo. This can a lone and intimate journey, scrambling around the world while trying to make a name for oneself. On the other side, this game can also be played with friends via a co-op feature. This game is very much an underdog story, complete with immersive lore and deep gameplay. There are almost unlimited ways to build your vampire settlement. This game comes with a rather intricate crafting system that enables players to build their vampire home any way they please. Upgradable abilities will be waiting to be unlocked along with a myriad of ways to tackle this adventure.

Building By Blood

Starting off, players will be fundamentally weak vampires that’ll resort to common tools and weapons to survive the wilderness. Cutting down trees with an axe and fighting enemies while brandishing swords and spears will be the foundation of V Rising’s gameplay. Naturally, when players progress through the game, they will eventually unlock nightly, vampiric powers which will enhance the gameplay tenfold. Teleportation, aerobatic moves, elemental powers, and melee power moves are just a few of the upgraded abilities vampires can garner. Gaining XP by slaying enemies and building up an army of minions, in classic RPG style. It appears that powers are enhanced during the night, making the vampire an almost unstoppable force against the human settlers. By contrast, players will need to dodge sunlight during the day because it can literally catch their avatar on fire.

The day and night cycle offers two very different types of gameplay styles. The map is separated into very distinct regions that offer higher-tier enemies and loot. Everything from dark forests, dank dungeons, craggy mountains, and villages is ripe for the picking. Thusly, there will be an even sort of threat lurking in the countryside that can range from vampire hunters to even other players. Travel the roads via bat form or on horseback solo or with a group of friends. Team up to assist each other with building their own vampire lair, or decide to betray your brotherhood and take everything for yourself. The decision on how loyal or evil a player can be is solely upon their discretion. Considering that V Rising is mostly an MMO, the sky is the limit on how deep and winding a player’s journey can be. Players are free to customize their vampire and castle to reflect their style and personality.

Nightly Hunt

Pretty much anything within a dwelling can be customized. Right down to the style of coffin minions can sleep in. The features of building a vampire’s dream home are rather robust in V Rising. On top of that, the combat is rather elaborate, with the “click to move” feature being absent. Players can move their vampires around in real-time via WASD mechanics. Sword fights and magical duels can unfold moment to moment under a player’s complete control. All of the aiming with the projectiles is lined up with the cursor. Everything from ice powers, pyromancy, necromancy, and other types of abilities can be accumulated. At a certain point, players can even declare a full-fledged war among each other. Seige each other’s castles and command your own personal army to take each other’s loot. There is definitely a Castlevania vibe to this game and the mythos surrounding the relationship between humankind and the vampires is an alluring tale worth exploring.

V Rising does a story to it, but it’s rather bare-bones. With a game of this type, that is all it really needs. Vampires were vanquished through a war with humans centuries ago and now it’s time to reclaim their rightful place in the world. That is the basic premise of this game. It’s definitely interesting enough to look into and discover more nuances in the narrative. Furthermore, these are also mythical beasts throughout this world in players will need to encounter. They appear to range everywhere from Nordic variety, which seems suitable since V Rising is very much within a European setting. Everything from Leshen’s, Wendigos, Necromancers, and Golems will be making an appearance in this world. This IP has very much a fantastical layer that’s juxtapositioned within its rather Earthy design. There is a rich environment to explore within V Rising, adding up to dozens of hours of gameplay.

Fangs and Fortitude

There is a lot to look into with V Rising. It’s one of those games that will clearly have a niche player base and a passionate one at that. There is no release date for this game as of now. The developers are deep into production to make sure this new title will hit all the marks it is aiming for. In any case, expect V Rising to drop sometime in the near future for the PC. No word on whether or not this game will become a cross-platform IP, but it appears it may just end up being solely PC exclusive.

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