How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft


A trident is very recognizable. After all, it refers to a spear with three prongs, though it is sometimes used in an erroneous manner to refer to different spears with a different number of prongs as well. This is unsurprising because while special names exist for both two-pronged spears and three-pronged spears, no special names seem to exist for spears with a higher number of prongs than that. As such, a lot of people choose to default to the best-known name, which would be trident. In any case, tridents saw a fair amount of use by a wide range of people in a wide range of places. For example, they were used for spear-fishing and they are still used for spear-fishing. Similarly, they saw combat use as well. In particular, there was a kind of Roman gladiator called the retiarius, who was based on a fisherman. As such, said individual was supposed to throw their weighted net on their much better-armed and much better-armored opponent called the secutor before moving in with their trident for the kill. Having said this, the trident tends to be much better-known because of its symbolic associations. For starters, the trident was seen as the weapon of Poseidon, who was the Greek god of the sea. Thanks to that, these weapons became associated with lesser sea gods as well, though this role was less known just as how those lesser sea gods were less known. Meanwhile, it is interesting to note that something very similar called a trishula was associated with Shiva in India as well as various Indian-influenced regions. At some point, the bident became associated with Poseidon’s brother Hades, which in turn, might be why multi-prong spears became associated with demons in the modern west thanks to the conflation of the Greek underworld with the Christian hell. Regardless, the important point is that tridents have a lot of symbolism going for them, which is why they have shown up in a lot of media such as Minecraft.

How Can You Repair a Trident in Minecraft?

Tridents can be used for both melee combat and ranged combat in Minecraft. Unfortunately, they will lose one point of durability whenever they do damage, which is something that can add up much faster than what interested individuals might expect. However, it is possible for people to fix these weapons even if they can’t make these weapons, so they aren’t helpless to halt this process. For starters, it should be mentioned that there are a couple of very easy methods for fixing tridents. One would be combining a couple of damaged tridents on either a crafting table or the 2×2 inventory grid. The other would be combining a couple of damaged tridents using a grindstone. These methods are very easy. However, they do come with a serious issue in that they will destroy any enchantment that was on the tridents, meaning that they should be avoided for anyone who has an enchanted version of these weapons. Moving on, the remaining two methods can preserve any enchantment that is on the trident. First, interested individuals can combine a couple of damaged tridents, though they will need to do so on an anvil rather than one of the aforementioned alternatives. Second, interested individuals can just use the Mending enchantment on their trident, which will do pretty much exactly what it says.

You Can’t Make These Weapons

As mentioned earlier, the player can’t make tridents on their own. Instead, they have to grind for tridents by killing the drowned, which would be the underwater zombie varients. Interested individuals can find the latter in both rivers and oceans. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that zombies can turn into the drowned when they drown. However, it is important to note that the drowned won’t drop tridents at a 8.5 percent drop rate unless they were naturally spawned with tridents in hand. As such, interested individuals shouldn’t waste their time with the drowned that aren’t carrying these weapons unless they are also interested in other potential drops.

These Weapons Can Be Used For Both Melee Combat and Ranged Combat

Tridents can be used for both melee combat and ranged combat. Annoyingly, this is as true for the drowned as it is for the player. As such, interested individuals should be very careful when engaging the drowned carrying these weapons. They can expect to be targeted using thrown tridents so long as they remain in range, though they won’t be able to pick up these tridents before returning them to their senders. Similarly, they can expect to be attacked with tridents if they get too close. Be warned that both attacks do the same amount of damage. As for the player’s own attacks with these weapons, they should know that the thrown version moves in much the same manner as an arrow save that it does so at 80 percent strength. If a thrown trident hits a block, it can stick to the block. In contrast, if a thrown trident hits an entity, it will bounce off of the entity before landing somewhere in the vicinity. Be warned that thrown tridents will bounce off of shields, so those won’t make for the best targets.

Some Enchantments Can Be Very Useful

It is possible for tridents to drop with enchantments already on them. Fortunately, the drowned can’t actually make use of these enchantments. In any case, some enchantments can be very useful on tridents. For example, Loyalty will cause the trident to return to the player, so that can be very convenient for someone who enjoys throwing these weapons around. Meanwhile, Riptide will launch the player when they throw a trident, which can be very amusing to see. Be warned that this enchantment won’t work unless the player is either in water or in rain. Naturally, interested individuals should experiment with other options to see which ones suit them the most.

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