The Best NES Super Mario Brothers Mashups


I just realized something.   I mean we’ve done our fair share of mashup articles.  We’ve also done our fair share of covering Super Mario Brothers.  But in all our time together I’m not sure we’ve focused on mashups only pertaining to the NES Super Mario Brothers games.

Just when you think we’ve sunk low enough, here I am using any excuse to get up another Super Mario article.  So what?  Sue me.  Can I help it if the material is this good?

You are going to be pleasantly surprised with some of these.  Here are the best NES Super Mario Bros mashups

Death Metal Music

I have to say this is incredibly badass.

Pac-Man Meets Super Mario

Kind of cute actually

Super Mario Doom

This is just flat out weird but kind of cool

Super Mario and Eminem Mocking Bird Mashup

This is awesome.

Nine Inch Closer Mario Remix

This is not a bat attempt by any means.

The Fresh Prince of Super Marios

I think looking at the Will Smith pictures just made me laugh the entire time

Urban Ninja vs Super Marios Brothers

This is genius

Stone Cold Super Mario

Not sure which is better. This or the Urban Ninja

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