Guy Builds a Once in a Lifetime Arcade Cabinet

Anyone else remember playing Street Fighter II in the arcade for hours on end trying to master the art of the “All you can!” from Ken and Ryu?  So do I.  I literally used to sneak out of school and head down to the local stationary store where they had a Street Fighter II arcade unit and waste tons of money trying to perfect the moves.  And for what?  Seriously.  For what?  I mean I guess today I could be a professional gamer?  Eh, who the hell knows.  Those were some great times.

Anyway, this homemade arcade cabinet brought back that nostalgia.  After all, check out that button configuration.  But this thing is so much more.  It’s a bar and book shelf to boot.  Hopefully he does something about that wood and stains it.  Other than that this thing is awesome.

I may just have to find an old school arcade somewhere and put a few ours into Street Fighter II.  In the meantime, check out more pictures of the unit and build below:

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