12 Acapella Versions of Your Favorite Game and TV Themes


It’s true, most of the time Acapella is lame. It’s associate with dorky groups of guys in high school and college who all harmonize and sing versions of songs that usually make them worse.

However, sometimes Acapella can be fun to listen to, like when they’re singing the theme songs to your favorite shows or video games. I overlooked the nerdiness and assembled the best videos into this post which you can see and listen to below. Enjoy.

1. Pokemon

2. Super Mario Bros


3. Zelda

4. Superhero Cartoons

5. Halo


6. Friends

7. Final Fantasy VII

8. Sonic 2

9. Saturday Morning Cartoons

10. Portal


11. The Simpsons

12. Tetris

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  1. Not bad, but you should have linked to The Blanks (aka Ted’s Band from Scrubs, aka The Worthless Peons). On youtube you can find videos (I think they only play audio though) of these guys singing such classics as Charles in Charge, Underdog, Speed Racer and The Facts of Life.

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