Five of Our Favorite Breath of the Wild Recipes

There aren’t many action-adventure games out there that involve a lot of cooking. It just so happens that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, of all games, uses cooking as an integral part of the game. Link needs to eat, after all, and food is the way that he gets immunity from the elements. The food that he cooks also gives Link more health and a better buff against extreme weather wherever he goes. There are plenty of recipes that Link can cook up in the Breath of the Wild game, but here are five of our absolute favorites that we’d probably like to cook up ourselves.

Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry

This recipe will keep Link warm even in the most freezing of temperatures, especially when he explores the Great Plateau Region. You’ll need three basic ingredients to make Link’s favorite dish of spicy meat and seafood fry: some spicy peppers, raw meat, and Hyrule bass. You can get the peppers from the woodcutter’s cabin. As far as raw meat is concerned, you can use boar—if you can kill one, or you can use birds as well. Lastly, get some fish from the pond by the Shrine of Resurrection.

Meat Skewer

While it may sound simple, making a meat skewer is actually a little bit trickier. You can make two different kinds of skewers: one with Gourmet Meat or another with Prime Meat. Cooking up a Gourmet Meat skewer will get you a hefty sum of rupees. To cook the skewer, you’ll need at least five different kinds of Gourmet meats, which you can easily find in the Hebra Mountains region. Samples of Gourmet meats include wolves, arctic foxes, rhinos, and moose meat.

Hearty Salt-Grilled Fish

This is a very simple recipe you can easily cook for Link to consume anytime. It only uses two ingredients: fish that you can get in any body of water and a piece of rock salt. These two basic ingredients will certainly give Link at least two additional heart containers even if it’s just for a small time. This is one of the easiest and most accessible ingredients you can sase

Hearty Simmered Fruit

If you’ve had durian before, you’re probably wondering why Link likes this recipe. The answer is in the fact that it gives Link a total of 20 temporary hearts in addition to a full supply of heart. To make this recipe, you’ll need to find some hearty durian fruit, which you’ll have plenty of in the cliffs and forests northeast of the Faron Tower. You’ll need five of these fruits to make this recipe.

Fireproof Elixir

You can’t ever survive the Death Mountain region if you’re not well protected. The particular protection you’ll need is a Fireproof elixir, which you can cook up easily by getting the necessary ingredients. You’ll need four Fireproof lizards, which you’ll find near the base of Death Mountain near the hot springs area. You’ll also need Monster parts, which you can find practically anywhere and everywhere in the game.

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