You Can Only Pick Two

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Here’s a fun little game that I believe I found on reddit, though who knows where it actually originated. It’s called “pick the fictional items” and it allows you to have TWO famous objects from movie or video game lore, but only two. Each come with their various pros and cons, despite almost all of them seeming awesome on first glance.

Out of all of these, I think the two safest bets would be the Portal Gun and Green Lantern ring, as they really don’t seem like they have a downside. The problem is, both aren’t exactly super useful in every day life. The Elder Wand might be pretty wicked, though I’m having trouble remembering particularly helpful spells you could use that don’t involve torturing or killing or just making stuff float. No dementors to be scared away by a Patronus either.

The lightsaber and Pokeball seem like fun until you end up slicing your own fingers off or Charmander burns your house down. The Red Pill would be quite cool as you’d essentially be a superhero, but ultimately a doomed one. The one ring would make you invisible, but the corruption would eventually expose you for the little creep you were. I mean, why else would you want to be invisible? Well, I guess you could rob banks and stuff. The Death Note book is just mean. Err, unless you’re killing like warlords and terrorists I guess.

Anyway, which two would you pick?

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  1. wait, a green lantern ring not useful in everyday life… are you seriously telling me the ability to create anything your mind can think of would not be useful in your daily activities?

  2. Portal Gun not useful in real life? ability to go somewhere once and leave a portal there and go back any time you want? Clearly you dont have a long commute haha.

  3. Definitely the lantern ring. It’s powerful as all get out, and only limited by your will and imagination, and you can FLY!!!

    Hard to pass up on the lightsaber, but you don’t really need it with the lantern ring, so I’m going with the Pokeball, just to have a companion with me. And as for training, couldn’t you use your lantern ring to create an opponent for it?

  4. Lantern Ring and Elder Wand all the way. With those two I fully believe you could take over the world.

    No need for the portal gun – you could apparate.

    No need for the lightstaber – you could create a lightsaber construct.

    A pokemon would be fun, but it would be a lot more fun if everyone else had one too.

  5. Really? I could almost all of these things with the elder wand. The portal gun is unnecessary because I can Apparate. THe lightsaber’s cool but let’s face it, I can stun, avada kedavra, or f*** it summon a sword from wherever. The one ring’s no good because I can use an disillusion charm. I don’t know anything about the deathbook but I can still avada kedavra those terrorists. No need for the medallion because if I wanted a tortured immortal existence I could create horcruxes. I can summon ANYTHING the green lantern ring can create so that’s useless. The power of a wand is basically the same thing as being “The One”. And if I want a furry friend I can become one (Animagus)! The only thing I can’t do is summon food (One of the laws of magic) so I think the only reasonable thing to do is to take the everlasting Gobstopper as choice number 2. (Although being the huge nerd that I am I would LOVE a Pokemon) That is all.

  6. I would choose (out of the obvious 3) the portal gun and the lightsaber (the green latern power ring being the third obvious choice)…


    obvious reasons, but with the lightsaber you get “the reflexes and ability to use it more than proficiently” (so not only a lightsaber but the skill to be able to use it without cutting your fingers off)…

  7. Maybe this is my evil side talking, but I’ll take the Death Note and the Cursed Pirate Medallion. I would literally be the Grim Reaper. Yeah I would give up a lot to be immortal. Might as well target my frustration at bad people.

  8. Green Lantern Ring and Light saber for sure, though would toss the light saber aside and get it just for the reflex and skills that come with it.

    Flight and anything you can imagine with the ring, and the skills to use anything you imagine from the sword like a freaking jedi

  9. Portal gun and Lightsaber.

    Portal gun would be good for distance fighting (lay a portal underneath someone and then send them flying off the side of a building) and quick getaways.

    And then lightsaber for up close and personal. The green lantern ring would be good, but if I can’t even remember to charge my phone every 24 hours, how could I trust myself to remember to charge a ring? Also, I have a bad history with jewelry. I tend to lose them after about three months. Both the PG and lightsaber are big enough that it would be hard for me to lose.

  10. @ Kyle, you forgot that the wand was limited to only the spells mentioned or shown in the books/movies. No apparating, no Animagus.

    Personally I would choose the Green Lantern Ring and the Elder Wand. When I started writing this I knew what I wanted the wand for but I can’t remember anymore, but it was fun. the Lightsaber could possibly replace the wand.

  11. Portal Gun and The One Ring, making a wall to go through stuff and becoming invisible, even though i have to deal with the evil kings tring to get me “maybe” it would be worth it. Making a portal from one place to another anywhere you want is kick ass. and i think you need to need to know how a portal gun works before you can make one with your thoughts. i have seen all the movies and read most of the books, no spells in their that would be really useful. I have given up on pokemon. Being immortal, but not being able to enjoy it is worthless i would rather be a ghost. The light sabor is boring without the force. Using the death note to much can make you lose it. The pill would be annoying and boring, and in like another 100 or more years there will be video games like that. As for the ring and the candy, I have never been into the Marvel stuff and the candy is epicly boring.

  12. why in the world would anyone choose the lightsaber over the elder wand?

    elder wand and death note please, to cast pure judgement on the world; wrongdoers shall suffer!

  13. The best would be the green lantern ring / the death note or pokemon.

    The problem with the elder wand its that you are muggle it doesnt matter how powerful the object is you cant use it because you dont have magic.

    The same with the light saber, if you dont have the force to go along it wont be that fun.

    With the green lantern you can create anything if you can imagine it, you have shields, you can fly, create wormhole to go across galaxies, fly to space without dying.

    With the Death Note, you could control anyone up to 23 days before they die if its in their means to do it and doesnt involve for them to kill anyone else, yeah you have to type anything you want them to do before typing their name to work but still, pretty amazing.

  14. The only problem with choosing the Portal gun is that you don’t have Chell’s leg bracers. You only have the gun, so you have to be very careful with your portals so you don’t fall to your death.

    Personally, I would choose the Green Lantern Ring and the Elder Wand. Sure, there’s some overlap between the uses of them, but with the Ring you have a pretty amazing suite of powers (Flight, space travel, etc.) and the wand compliments it with a more subtle set of abilities (memory modification, transmutation, apparation, etc.).

  15. I can’t believe this is even a discussion. It is true that most harry potter spells are silly kids spells or murder and violence spell, but a simple trip to Wikipedia reveals spells from the book that makes picking anything else a waste

    Impervius: allows items to repel outside forces
    Alohomora: Unlocks doors
    Colloportus: Locks doors
    Episkey: repairs minor injuries
    Impervius: temporary shield
    Legilimens: see others thoughts
    Locomotor: make items float
    Lumos: flashlight
    Muffliato: others can’t hear your conversation
    Obliviate: erase memories
    Protego: protection
    Reparo: fixes broken items
    Scourgify: cleans everything

    Lantern ring is the obvious second choice; flight, interstellar travel, creating anything. The other items aren’t even in the same category.

  16. I’d go with the Death Note and the lightsaber. Death Note, because you can control people pretty much absolutely for up to 28 days before death, and lightsaber, because fuck yeah a lightsaber. No medallion, because I doubt my psyche could handle the immortality concept. Everyone and everything I ever knew or would know would pass away into nothingness. I’d have to keep existing after existence itself ceased. That’s… That’s a hell I’d rather not see.

  17. well this is easy first the pokeball with a Dragonair inside. (or a dratini if you think I should start with the base evolution but it say nothing about the pokemon evolving)

    Second is the portal gun and the shoes. (because they are included) I would then use it to jump off high places just for tun and have a portal from my room to the kitchen so I don’t have to go outside to go downstairs and cook/eat. I would also use it to go from school to home (almost a mile away) without the effort of walking far or mabey I would have it at my moms so I can hang out with my brothers when I want.

  18. people here talking like they have the awesome willpower to wield the green lantern ring. Even Green arrow was only able to summon 1 single emerald arrow in comics and he’s a friggin superhero, I don’t we nerds have enough will power to use it. At most it will just end up a novelty ring for everyone…

    so in conclusion. get the portal gun with a pokemon. of your choice.

    Use Portal gun. port a snorlax above your enemies’ head.


  19. Portal gun cuz that would be unbelievably fun and the poke’ball. I would chosse mew because 1.) Any learn any move 2.) Can transform into any pokemon so its like I have every pokemon ever

  20. Maybe they should have made the downside of the portal gun that you would have to entertain a sentient machine stuck in a potato who wants to kill you, and insults you until you want to throw it out the window lol THEN, would you still pick the portal gun? lol
    Also, yeah, Green Lantern Ring and Portal Gun. You would make one bass ass superhero.

  21. i’d take a pokeball with a celebi inside, and the red pill. then we’d both travel back through time and prevent the machines from taking over in the first place. i’m pretty sure they’d make me king of the world and space for such a feat.

  22. I guess I’m the only one so that’s going to go with the Red Pill. Yeah, it would TOTALLY suck to have to wake up to a horrible reality where you constantly fear for your life…but what if you didn’t have to? My second item would be the Green Lantern Ring. I can do pretty much anything I can imagine in the Matrix since I’m The One, and now I can do anything I can imagine outside of the Matrix since I’m the Green Lantern. You no longer have anything to fear.

    That’s not even getting in to the “doomed” future you have as one of the predecessors. If you think back to the conversation with The Architect, the end result for a “failed” messiah wasn’t all that bad. You get to hand pick the men and women you wanted to take with you to repopulate Zion. That means I’m now in the very advantageous position of being a god in the Matrix, only to take breaks to breed like a jackrabbit with the hottest and most badass women in existence. And in the rare instances where I need to be a BAMF in the real world, I slip on the Lantern Ring (which charges while I’m jacked in) and tear up some robots.

    Literally the only down side I see to this is having to slurp down some disgusting slop to stay nourished, and that’s a very small downside considering you still get all the enjoyment of food in the Matrix.

  23. …and if you pick the Medallion/Red Pill, couldn’t you technically still get enjoyment from food/drink/sex in the Matrix since it’s not real? That’d be another loophole. =P

  24. Two Pokéballs, Nidoran male and female. Breed before the little girl evolves, sell the children to all the other kids in the world that want Pokémon, riches and happiness with two of my favorite Pokémon here I come. 😀

  25. I would go with the medallion and the red pill. Best combo in my opinion. Think about it I may be doomed to fail, but it’s redundant because I can’t die.

  26. Elder Wand, Pokeball. Not only because it sums up pretty much all of my childhood (add something from Star Trek, and it is complete).

    But because the Elder Wand is awesome. As for the Pokemon, it would be a hard choice between something large that I can ride around on, or something large that can fly.

  27. Lightsaber and Elder Wand.

    Problem: It says you have the skills and Force abilities required to wield the Lightsaber however you don’t have any other Force abilities.

    Solution: Use Elder Wand as a substitute for the Force.

    Imperio = Mind Trick
    Crucio = Lightning
    Wingardium Leviosa = Levitate objects
    Bombarda = Force Push
    Protego = Force Shield
    Reparo = Fix Lightsaber/make it look like you were never there!

    Not to forget all the spells to paralyze, incapacitate, erase memories, heal, become invisible, and create Portkeys to teleport anywhere!! Screw the portal gun!

  28. Elder wand for sure, and i would use it for J.K. to write new books with all the spells i desire, so fuck the restrictions!!!!
    Second one would be lightsabre, simply because I always wanted one :-)!

  29. The elder wand is the ultimate choice on this no question there is so much it can do even when limited to only what has been mentioned in the books and movies. I would pick the lightsaber as a second because I have wanted one since I was little. Also it would be nice to have all those acrobatic skills and superior Jedi senses that come with it.

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