Being a Nerd in a Stealthy Way

Have a controlling wife or husband that is embarrassed if you let your nerd flag fly? Well here’s a way to express yourself that they’ll probably never pick up on, unless they’re about to jump off the roof.

It’s a Mario patio made from different color bricks. I’ve asked this before, but is there like a website that has all these 8-bit characters in a grid, so people are able to easily make stuff like this? There has to be.

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  1. you just have to find a screenshot of the sprite and blow it up in photoshop using the nearest neighbor resample option, preferably using multiples of 2

  2. Not to keep harping on what others have said, but yes, the site is called any site that shows original sprites. It takes the tiniest iota of knowing what you’re doing to complete this. Are you confused because you think you’d need the bricks labeled to be able to do this? I just don’t see where the awe and confusion is coming from.

  3. you can just look up mine craft templates of anything, you can do it that way. Ive built lots of different things from Pokemon to dragon ball z you can just look up on Google and go from there.

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