Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Best Armor Sets To Find

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are borrowing some returning features from Breath of the Wild. One major element is the fact that Link can adorn a variety of clothing. In the past games, Link simply wore his tunic which changed colors that granted different effects. Now, there are entirely new threads and armor sets that Link can wear that not only changes him aesthetically but also gives him perks. In this new installment, Link is going to need whatever he can get in order to survive the wilds of Hyrule. Everything from enhancing stealth skills to increasing speed is all within his toolbox.

Of course, finding these items can take some doing. The map in Tears of the Kingdom is immense and players will find themselves running around in circles if they don’t at least have a clue on where to go. Of course, players can run into these items accidentally just by exploring the world. However, there are a few that require specific tasks in order to obtain a certain piece of clothing. There are entire armor sets that can be discovered throughout Hyrule. Of course, players are free to mix and match different attire for their own amusement, if they wish.

Needless to say, there are quite a few armor sets to find in Tears of the Kingdom. Some are better than others, for sure. This guide will cover the starting group of armor sets that will help make Link’s journey a little more tolerable. Players will need to go off the beaten path to find a few of these items. At the end of it all, it will be worth it. The following is a list that can help Link in a variety of ways.

Flamebreaker Armor Set

  • Link can find this armor set within Goron City. It is located Westbound from Death Mountain. The thing is that this armor set comes in three segments; Flamebreaker Boots, Flamebreaker Helm, and Flamebreaker Armor. The only way to obtain this armor set is by purchasing all the armor pieces from a merchant in the South region of the city. The helm costs 1,400 Rupees, the boots cost 1,200 Rupees and the armor plating cost 700 Rupees. This armor set will make Link resistant to fire.

Yiga Armor Set

  • Within the Akkala Highlands, the Yiga Armor Set will be hiding inside the Yiga Hideout. It comes in three components; Yiga Mask, Yiga Tights, and Yiga Armor. The Yiga mask can be found within the Great Plateau region of the map. Head Southeast until you find a camp that has a spiked wooden fence surrounding it. Find your way inside and the mask will be inside the building. The Yiga Tights are found Eastern from the Kiuyoyou Shrine at the Yiga Clan Maritta Branch. Then, head Southwest within the Great Hyrule Forest. There will be a cave. Go inside and fight two assassins. After the battle, you will be led toward the tights. Lastly, the Yiga Armor is inside the Akkala Research Lab. Fight the two assassins first and the armor will be waiting inside. The complete Yiga Armor Set will increase Link’s stealth capabilities by silencing his footsteps.

Frostbite Armor Set

  • As always, there are three parts to this armor set; Frostbite Shirt, Frostbite Trousers, and Frostbite Headdress. The shirt can be found deep within Brightcap Cave. Which is located Southeast of Rito Village. Head right inside the cave and keep staying right. Eventually, there will be a wall of thorns blocking Link’s way. Burn it away with a fire arrow, or something similar, and the shirt will be waiting inside. The Trousers are located Hebra Headspring Cave, which is Northwest of the Hebra Headspring River. On the left side, jump across two ice pillars and climb up onto the hole on a wall high above. The trousers will be in there. Then, the headdress will be within the Hebra Mountains area. Go into the Lake Kilsie Cave. Head right and glide down onto a wall that Link can climb. There will be a pile of rubble on top. Clear it out and the headdress will be there. The Frostbite Armor Set will allow Link to dish out freezing damage and be resistant to cold environments.

Climber’s Armor Set

  • The newest Legend of Zelda installments let Link parkour and climb across the landscape. The Climber’s Armor Set helps out with that. From the New Serenne Stable in the Hyrule North Plain. Head straight from that point and there will be a hole in the ground. This will be the North Hyrule Plain Cave. Drop down and Link will fall into a body of water. Defeat the required enemies and head toward the waterfall ahead. Jump through it and there will be a chest holding the climbing gear. The climbing boots can be found inside the Upland Zorana Byland Cave. Head Southwest from the Zorana Skyview Tower in order to find it. Inside it, there will be multiple paths to take. So, head left. Keep going and Link will eventually come across a gate, which will need to be opened with the Ultrahand. Open the gate, drain the room, and go into the room. Turn left and the climbing boots will be hiding behind a wall. Finally, the climbing bandana can be found Eastward of the Zora Domain inside the Ploymus Mountain Cave. Equip the Climber’s boots and gear to simply climb through the cave straight ahead to get the bandana. Link’s stamina will be able to withstand the climb to complete this Armor Set.


Of course, there are many more Armor Sets to collect in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. They do help with gameplay in a number of different ways. Not only with gaining access to secret areas but also exploring, as well. With the aforementioned Armor Sets in a player’s inventory, Link will have a much easier time getting around. Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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