10 Ways Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Differs from The Rest of the COD Games

COD Modern Warfare

CoD fans have been waiting for it, and today is the day. Modern Warfare just dropped. What can you expect to see? Is it a remastered game like the last one? Well, actually no. The new Modern Warfare is the first completely original game they’ve created in years, and it looks like it was worth the wait. This is not your mommas’ CoD. You’ll get all the gun-toting, explosive action you’ve come to love and expect, but they’ve updated some things as well. Here are ten ways Call of Duty: Modern Warfare differs from the rest of the CoD games.

1. Spec Ops (No Zombies)

For all the fans who really loved playing the zombie setting, we have some bad news. There are no zombies at all in the latest release. Instead, you’ll be trading the undead slaughter fest for a mode they call Spec Ops. This new alternative has a trio of different kinds of missions available. Survival mode is exactly what you’d expect, waves of enemies coming at you until you’re just to exhausted to shoot anymore. Survival will be exclusive to the PS4 for the first year, so some players will just have to live without it. Operations is cooperative. You’ll play through multiple stages with friends. Finally, there’s Missions, which are just short, timed campaigns meant to be replayed at will.

2. More Realistic Than Ever

Every Call of Duty game has brought a new realism to the gaming universe. When the original came out, naysayers were sure that any game without health packs, where players could just die and respawn over and over, could never work in the long run. More than a decade later, it’s clear that CoD has always known what the players want. The latest iteration is rough, real, and gritty, more so than any game that came before it in the series.

3. Gunsmith

The guns and other weapons have always been a massive part of the draw for us. Were just as happy sniping from the high ground as we are blasting someone at close range with a handgun. Now the weapons are ultra customizable. Gunsmith will not only allow you to customize your gear, but it opens up a whole array of options. Instead of the one, or even ten choices most games give you, CoD is bringing in the big guns here, so to speak. Most weapons will have no less than thirty mods available.

4. Dark Edition

Gamestop lovers have one more reason to head down to their favorite shop because the Dark Edition is a Gamestop exclusive. You get an outstanding steel book, three different themed operator packs with bonus items, and more. The night vision goggles and stand are especially cool, but we certainly won’t say no to the in-game knife or the XRK weapon pack.

5. 2 On 2 Gunfight Mode

Do you want a smaller and more intimate way to slaughter the competition? Grab a friend and get ready to test out the fantastic new two vs. two Gunfight mode. Sometimes all you need is one true friend to watch your back. Team up with your wingman and take on other duos in this new mode.

6. Ground War (Big Battles)

If you’re anything like us, then at some point while you were playing, you thought, “This is great, but can’t we have bigger teams already?” Enter Ground Wars. These epic battles allow dozens of players to duke it out for ultimate bragging rights in the most massive Call of Duty battles ever. Now you can feel, and hopefully fight like you are part of a full unit of soldiers.

7. Running Around Busting in Doors

Sometimes you want to open a door quietly. Then there are those times when you’d rather kick the door in on top of someone who’s standing right there. CoD heard you, and you have the option to treat the doors like doors or bust them down like the obstacles they are. It might seem like a somewhat arbitrary upgrade, but we love it.

8. All-Mode Progression

Remember how frustrating it was to unlock a weapon in one mode and not have it in another part of the game? You can say goodbye to that little problem. Your progression on Modern Warfare is now officially unified. No more having to do the same job twice to have the same gear and load out. Whether you’re playing single-player, multiplayer, or Spec Ops, everything you earn, you get to keep for your other missions.

9. Battle Pass

Supply Drops are gone (for now), and so is the paid map pack DLC. The new Battle Pass is more like what you’d expect to see on Fortnite. You can buy in for cosmetic rewards via gameplay, but this is meant to keep the pay-for-play scenarios out of the new game. However, Supply Drops may make a comeback at a later date.

10. Cross-Platform

Possibly the coolest upgrade they’ve given Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the ability to play fully integrated cross-platform games. For example, if you have a friend who plays on PC and you prefer your PS4, the two of you can still shoot it out or work together. Breaking down barriers that keep people from playing together isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when someone says CoD, but it is one of the most innovative and outstanding moves they’ve made. More importantly, you can choose how you want it to go down. If you want gamepad only, you got it. The same goes for mouse and keyboard, but if you want a real challenge, you can go all in and play against whatever the other guy has to work with.

Final Thoughts

Everyone who preordered is probably already playing as you sit here reading this guide. If you don’t already have a copy of the latest Modern Warfare game, you’re going to want to get in on this action ASAP. Let us know what your favorite new feature is in the comments, and once you’ve played a few rounds, come back and tell us what else you’d change if you could.

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