How to Use Knuckles of Eao in Destiny

Knuckles of Eao

On the surface, Destiny is, to some, just another first-person shooter, albeit one with stunning environments. If you’ve played the game at all, and we assume you have, then you know there’s more going on than running around and killing things. Sure, protect the people, save the city, revive the Traveler, and save the world seems like a simple plot, but it’s not. All the incredibly intricate elements coming together into a genuinely epic world is what makes Destiny into the beloved and outstanding game that won the Games Radar Game of the Year and a BAFTA award, among others. However, among all the raids and battles, there are a few pieces of equipment that confuse players. The Knuckles of Eao are one such bit of swag. What are they? What can you do with them? We’ll explain how to use the Knuckles of Eao in Destiny as well as sharing some other tips and news.

In Other News

Before we get to the Knuckles, there’s an intriguing bit of news from The Hollywood Reporter that we think bears noting. Not everyone loves video game based movies and shows, but it’s no secret that we’re big fans. Although they aren’t always faithful to the source material, we’ve always enjoyed the way they expand our view of the incredible worlds game developers have created for us to escape into. We could play, read or watch the Resident Evil Franchise, or Witcher for weeks.

Before you get too excited, there was no announcement about a Destiny show. Still, when The Hollywood Reporter talked to creative lead Robbie Stevens and narrative designer Nikko Stevens about the game, they asked if we’d ever see a film or show based on Destiny. Robbie Stephens said, “If you look at how we’re trying to construct Destiny now, it’s in some ways like building a seasonal TV show,” which is undoubtedly true. It also prompted the interviewer to ask if there might be a TV show or at least a film in the franchise’s future. He responded that anything is possible, and he couldn’t say more. Was he possibly alluding to negotiations going on behind the scenes that aren’t settled yet? It’s hard to say. We could be reading more into it than there is, but one thing is sure. Destiny is certainly popular and well written enough to provide the source material for a great series or movie. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope.

Playing Catch Up

If you’re new to Destiny, and many people are given the recent changes when Bungee moved away from their ten-year-long deal with Activision and became a free-to-play free-agent, then you might have some catching up to do before you’re fully immersed in the game lore. Unfortunately, a lot of games that have progressive series of events don’t give you much to go off of if you just joined and missed limited time events. You can end up missing out on a considerable amount of backstory because you simply weren’t there. Destiny is not one of those games. Thanks to a dedicated fan base and The Ishtar Collective, you can get all the backstory you missed out on. After all, there are always details that can help you with future adventures and pearls of wisdom and lore from previous plots that are well worth knowing. No one likes missing out, so the web lore was created to help new players and long-time fans in the know.

Weekly Feature Raids

You’ll need the Knuckles of Eao in the weekly feature raids. For new players, it’s going to be a bit difficult to obtain or use the Knuckles because weekly feature raids are played at the highest difficulty with all challenge modes active. You’ll need to level up a bit before you can participate, but once you’re ready to join, they’ll help keep your Destiny experience fresh and moving along. Participation in the Weekly Feature Raids could net you exotic elemental primary weapons and ornaments, but you’ll have to complete the challenges to receive them. The items vary from week to week and challenge to challenge. Every week has a weekly reset on Tuesday at 9:00 AM UTC. The resets will predictably ‘reset’ your progress in some ways, and any new aspects, like the raids, are added and updated at that time.

The Knuckles of Eao

Before you can use the Knuckles of Eao, it helps to know what they are and where you can get them. The Knuckles are a legendary consumable item. You can collect and stack them up to five at a time per profile. Hence, if you have more than one character, you could stack five apiece. You can pick them up from the Age of Triumph’s King’s Fall, Crota’s End, or Vault of Glass raids. You can only pick them up on your first completion of any section in the Weekly Featured Raid each week, so while you can have more than one set, you’ll only be able to obtain them one at a time. Once you have the Knuckles, the biggest challenge is remembering to use them at the right time. You’ll have to use the KoE before heading toward your next boss fight in a feature raid. The effect of using the KoE is to double the drop from that boss. Activate or ‘consume’ the KoE before starting the challenge you want double gear or a better chance at the specific equipment you want from the drop, and assuming you complete the fight and beat the boss, that’s it.

Final Thoughts

Doubled loot is always a nice bonus. That’s all there is to it beyond a little bit of smart strategic planning. You’re not guaranteed to get any particular item in the drop, but if you know what you want, then it’s easy enough to use the Knuckles of Eao to multiply your chances of getting what you want. The only downside is the description of the item hinting at something quite ominous.

“Boons I grant you, oh bearer mine, but debts must be paid in time.”

What are these debts? Will the warning play into the game? We don’t know for certain, but it doesn’t sound like good news, so use the Knuckles of Eao at your own risk.

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