Earn Some Bottlecaps in Fallout Monopoly

I actually saw this creation a few weeks ago, but it must have gotten lost in my “shit to post later” file and I’m just now stumbling across it today.

I’m glad I did, because if you haven’t seen this yet, you should. A dedicated Fallout fan and fantastic girlfriend (PinkAxolotl) made this fully functional and detailed Fallout Monopoly set for her boyfriend’s birthday. You can see the board above, but there are more detailed shots of the game and the cards that go with it below.

If you’ve wandered into a toy store recently, you know that there is now a Monopoly game for everything under the sun. I think the winner so far that I’ve seen has to be Daschund Monopoly. No, not Dog Monopoly, Dachshund Monopoly, where each place is a differently named Dachshund. Good lord, that’s specific.

See the rest of the game below:

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  1. Although I hate the word ‘Monopoly’ as a boardgamer (a boardgame is something you play, not something that plays you), but this is truly epic ! This must have taken ages to complete. !
    And what an epic girlfriend is that to make this, when you encounter someone like that you should realise she will give you babies and you will take care of her and them as long you can you hear me ?!

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