Diablo IV – Things To Know When Starting Out

Diablo IV marks the return of the legendary bone-crushing RPG by Blizzard Entertainment. Even though this franchise has been around for years, there is now a new crop of gamers that never set foot in this hellish domain. There is a lot to digest and figure out. This time around, there is actually a story to follow, albeit a shallow one. It’s enough to entice players to explore Sanctuary and unpeel the hidden messages that are peppered throughout the different realms. Diablo IV can be a dense and confusing game for newcomers. It would be a good idea to study and decipher the various mechanics to avoid wasting time.

When starting out, there will be four different world tiers. They are listed as; adventurer, veteran, nightmare, and torment. Even if a player is a hardcore RPG player, diving into a Diablo game can be daunting regardless. For an easier walkthrough, choosing the adventurer world tier will be the way to go. This will allow players to get used to the mechanics and layout of the game without being overwhelmed by enemies. They are free to try veteran, of course. This will give them a tougher challenge and more gold as a reward. However, don’t let blind confidence fool you, because this dungeon crawler is relentless.

The nightmare and torment difficulty levels are unlocked by completing particular dungeons that are listed on the menu. World tiers can also be rolled back at any time if one proves to be incredibly too challenging for you. The fourth entry to this franchise is expanding things a bit, by making it more open-world. Along with it, is an online mode that’s associated with PVP and PVE events. These can be fun, but when starting out, it’s best to avoid them and focus solely on campaign and side missions.

Pick Your Class Wisely

In Diablo IV, there are five distinct classes to choose from when starting a new game. These are the; Rogue, Sorcerer, Barbarian, Necromancer, and Druid classes. The Druid is the newest of the bunch, being a combination of Barbarian and Sorcerer. He comes with shape-shifting abilities, turning into various ferocious beasts to slay enemies. So, if a player prefers a tanky melee-based character, both the Druid and Barbarian class are good choices. The Sorcerer and Necromancer are more long-ranged fighters. Players can lean back and cast a variety of elemental spells and reanimate corpses, respectively. Very good when it comes to crowd control. Lastly, the Rogue is a thief-like class that comes with high dexterity. They are a nimble class that can easily dodge incoming attacks. Lastly, they come with a good mix of ranged and melee attacks which make this class the most well-rounded.

Comb The Map

So, whatever class a player chooses in Diablo IV, this character will start their journey in the ‘Eternal Realm.’ This will be an overworld that players can always go back to and keep tweaking their build. Beyond that, there will also be ‘Seasonal Realms.’ Which will entail starting with a new character and building them up through various seasons that are planned on Blizzard’s roadmap. When it comes to the map, look for light blue circles. These are side-quests that can be completed. Also, there are crimson skull-like icons on the map, which are Strongholds. It’s vital that both of these items are completed as soon as possible when starting a new game. They are the fastest way to find good loot and build up renown. Also, if you see a Statue of Lilith in the wild, be sure to interact with it. They will provide you and your party with special buffs associated with that realm.

Mount Up

Now, many beginning players will overlook the fact that they can actually use a horse to get around Sanctuary in Diablo IV. This isn’t a feature that is advertised. It’s kind of a hidden secret. However, this secret is hidden in plain sight, because players will get their mount just by playing the main campaign. Once they make it to Act III and defeat Brol, go ahead and start Act IV. Go to the Cathedral of Light for a quest. There, players will come across Doran, who will send you back to Kyovashad. Speak to Oskar at the stable to unlock the horse free of charge. This horse will help players glide throughout the world, saving a lot of time and strife. It will take about 8 to 10 hours to get the horse, but it does make a difference once players finally mount up.

Harvest and Craft Often

Throughout the map, various herbs and other ingredients are tucked away within all manner of crevices. When exploring the map, pick as many herbs as possible and see what kind of elixirs can be made. The elixirs in Diablo IV come with numerous perks and buffs that can last up to 30 minutes at a time. These elixirs can really help out during a tight situation that will be giving players a hard time. This title does have an extensive crafting feature regarding elixirs and loot. Don’t be tempted to automatically switch out red-tiered loot with green-tiered loot. Sometimes, the lower-tiered loot grants a certain buff to your build that higher-tiered loot can change for the worse. Be sure to take a little time and compare and contrast what new loot offers. Don’t just take it by what color is associated with it.


There are many new nuances in Diablo IV. It can be a lot to take in when starting a new game. Just take things step by step and learn how the world of Sanctuary is structured. Needless to say, there is enough content in this game that will keep players busy for a really long time. Diablo IV is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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