Diablo IV – What Is Renown?

Gaining Renown in Diablo IV is a new feature. There is now a multi-tiered experience system in place that all have their dedicated uses. The Renown system is something unique that can take a little getting used to. Players may have been noticing stacking up these points while clearing out areas throughout Sanctuary. However, this isn’t self-explanatory. Figuring out how Renown works can be a little confusing at first. Generally, it’s attached to unlocking special loot that’s associated with certain areas in Sanctuary. Of course, figuring out how to farm Renown points and what to do with them is key.

When everything is broken down, Renown is kind of like a special currency. When accomplishing certain feats, a particular amount of Renown points will be rewarded. Now, when navigating the menu, it is a bit cumbersome to figure out what all this means and how to utilize it. There is much to digest with Diablo IV and how its XP mechanics function. For beginners, all of this can be pretty confusing. This guide will what to do with Renown points and how to quickly stock up on them.

Throughout Sanctuary, every area will grant the same amount of points for every accomplishment. So, there is no difference between all the regions on the map regarding the number of points given. There is a cap on how much Renown a player can accumulate for every area. However, when Diablo IV starts rolling out its Season Pass, all of the Renown collected will be reset. Thus, this will continue with every Season in the foreseeable future. So, there is only so much a player can do for the time being. With that said, it is best to stack up and use all the Renown points to unlock skill points and the like before it’s too late.

How To Get Renown Points

So, every area through Sanctuary has several things to complete. These include; Strongholds, Dungeons, Side Quests, and Way Points. This also includes the Altars of Lilith, which also grants a small amount of points. Every accomplishment within an area will reward players with a specific number of Renown Points. Luckily, there are quite a few things to do in every area throughout Sanctuary. So, players will be busy for a while.


  • You will be rewarded 100 Renown Points upon completion.


  • Conquering a dungeon will grant 30 Renown Points.

Side Quests

  • Finishing a Side Quest will give you 20 Renown Points.

Way Points

  • Finding a Way Point will also reward you 20 Renown Points

Altars of Lilith

  • Lastly, activating an Altar of Lilith will give you 10 Renown Points.

Completing all these aforementioned activities is a surefire way to stock up on Renown. Lastly, another way to get a little extra is by simply discovering new areas. This only gives 5 extra Renown Points, but it does help in the long run. Even with all these Renown Points built up, the next trick is knowing where to go to use them. They’re not laying bare on the menu. They are actually kind of hidden. So, players will need to dig a little bit to get to the right menu and discover what the Renown points have to offer.

How To Use Renown Points

So, whenever you open up your menu, look to the far right side of it. There will be a button prompt labeled “View Rewards.” So, push that button and a new page will come up. This is where players can ‘Claim’ their rewards. Now, there are five different Tiers associated with Renown. With every subsequent Tier reached, it will take an extra 100 Renown Points to unlock the next set of rewards. To reach the two highest Tiers, players must be playing in World Tier 3. As far as the actual rewards, everything appears to be equal across the board.

There are two different categories of Renown, one is for characters and the other is for realms. Character renown points mean that the points will go toward the current character that you are playing with. Whereas, Realm renown points are more universal and go towards all the characters exploring that realm. Claiming Renown Points come with many benefits. Everything from a big pot of gold to scoring a new slot for skills or potions. The following is what players can acquire via the different Tiers.

Tier 5

  • Players will receive $150,000 Gold, 4 Paragon Points, and Extra XP

Tier 4

  • You will be rewarded $60,000 Gold, 80 Extra Obols, and Extra XP.

Tier 3

  • Players will garner $25,000 Gold, 1 Extra Skill Point, and Extra XP.

Tier 2

  • The reward offered here is $10,000 Gold, 1 Extra Potion Slot, and Extra XP.

Tier 1

  • Players will obtain $3,000 Gold, 1 Extra Skill Point, and Extra XP.

Now, one would assume that attending events would gain some mean Renown Points, but it doesn’t. This also holds true for the cellars. These may reward some standard loot and XP, but no Renown Points. So, for players who are looking to unlock all Renown before the Seasons start, it is best that they avoid these things completely. When looking at the menu, there is a list of things that can be found or completed in any given region. So, players won’t be blindly scouring Sanctuary for points. Diablo IV does a pretty good job with its UI for laying out the groundwork for players when it comes to this.


When it comes to XP, Diablo IV does come with a lot to juggle with. Renown is a new feature in this title and it can take a little getting used to. When everything is figured out, it can really assist players with customizing their build. With the Seasons about to roll out, there is a good chance that Renown Points will offer even more epic rewards in the near future. Diablo IV is not available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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