Monster Sanctuary Free Update Now Available

“Monster Sanctuary”, developed by Denis Sinner of Moi Rai Games and published by Team17, immediately turned heads for its unique mix of 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania-style with the monster tamer and RPG video game genres and overall interesting and original gameplay from top to bottom. While typically when capturing or taming Monsters in a video game, veteran video game players think of Pokemon as it wasn’t until more recently that successful imitations and projects inspired by the hit franchise have started to truly come out of their own, such as “Palmon”, “Nexomon”, and others. However, “Monster Sanctuary”, inspired by whatever caused it to be so unique and different, has truly stood out entirely and can’t truly be compared to another game with its fully interesting and original gameplay, story, and more especially now with a free update for players. Below, we’ve gone into detail on “Monster Sanctuary”, the free update now available, how to access it, and everything else about Forgotten World.

Monster Sanctuary

Published by Team17, who has also been attached to some well-known games such as “Overcooked”, “Worms”, “Neon Abyss”, “Escapists”, “Golf With Your Friends”,”Moving Out”, “Honey I Joined A Cult”, and so many others, “Monster Sanctuary” was released out of Early Access on Steam in December 2020 and eventually came out for PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. although development credit has gone directly to Denis Sinner, he founded Moi Rai with “Monster Sanctuary” as a free time project, which soon become a full time commitment from 2015 to 2018. Just as beautiful as Monster Sanctuary was on the outside with its unique graphics and gameplay, the deep skill trees, immersive worlds, and more were just as interesting to appreciate for hours. As players explore the various worlds of “Monster Sanctuary” from their base of operations, where other Monster Tamers gather and live, they’ll encounter various different Monsters that they can either battle to defeat or attempt to add to their roster. On top of the unique attacks and abilities that each Monster has that can make them stand out from the others, a select number of them can also use abilities outside of battle to help players explore and reach otherwise unreachable areas throughout the game, similar to HMs in Pokemon. Other useful things can be found along with adventures such as other Tamers, Keepers, rare items, Gear to increase various attributes, and more. Combat was another unique concept in “Monster Sanctuary” as it introduced turn-based, 3v3 Monster battles, with wild Monsters as well as AI Tamers and battles with real-time player Tamers as well. Overall, even just the base game of “Monster Sanctuary” was impressive in so many ways, but such an expansive free update truly showed the passion behind the scenes from the creative team responsible for the RPG-twisted monster catcher.

Monster Sanctuary Free Update Available Now Forgotten World

While each area of “Monster Sanctuary” was unique in its own way with terrain, shape, puzzles, Monsters, and more, the free update of Forgotten World will introduce players to the largest area to date to explore. With a new area of course comes new Monsters and Forgotten World will bring players the chance to encounter a total of ten new Monsters, one Champion, five of which were created by the dedicated community of “Monster Sanctuary” players. Forgotten World also introduced 2 new outfits for players to wear while they explore, a massive 72 new skills, 13 new equipment items, a level cap increase, new legendary keepers and an interesting ability to mix and match 3 new game modes added, Bravery Mode, Permadeath, and Randomizer, in order to create an entirely unique experience with each playthrough. Bravery Mode will allow players to start a new game with 3 random Monsters on their team and can only increase their team in this mode via eggs that they acquire through story events or mainly through the entrance of each area. In the same trend of randomizing, Randomizer Mode will allow players to start a new game in which all Monsters throughout “Monster Sanctuary” are completely randomized, adding infinite replayability however the mode cannot be deactivated once turned on. Finally, Permadeath Mode will allow players to have their Monsters become permanently defeated, and can only be revived one of two ways: Pheonix Affinity and Charged Rebirth. However, the exploration abilities of a defeated Monster can still be used, and once all of your Monsters have been defeated, Permadeath Mode will be disabled and all of your Monsters will become available once again. Overall, while the “Monster Sanctuary” Forgotten World free update doesn’t require a purchase outside of the game itself, players must have beaten a good portion of the game as Forgotten World is considered late-game and will require access to Horizon Beach and Satsune or Thanatos in your party, likely for their abilities.

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