Warlander – How To Build a Mage

Warlander currently comes with three distinct classes to choose from; Warrior, Cleric, and Mage. They all come with their own strengths and weaknesses that should be adhered to. In this particular instance, the mage is essentially the ‘long-range’ fighter in this title. There are no melee attacks available for this class, at the moment. However, the magical abilities that come with it are associated with major DPS. A well-equipped mage can melt foes from afar and is ideal for defending towers. This class is also the weakest of the bunch and can go down pretty easily.

The mage’s default attack is almost like a pair of semi-automatic pistols. Magic will shoot out of fingertips, blasting holes in enemies in rapid succession. This alone can make a difference in fending off other attacking teams. Of course, there are other tools at a mage’s disposal that can be useful with crowd control and other situations. There are several different ways a player can use their mage. Either defensively or offensively, the mage is the best character to use for holding down areas and supporting a team. Additionally, the proper gear and perks can make a mage a supreme wizard of destruction during any given match.

More often than not, players will use the mage as either a sniper or suppression when guarding the gates. The map offers multiple ways to approach a castle, players can set things up and blast enemies in bottlenecked allies for some easy kills. Given how immense the maps are in Warlander, the best course of action is finding just one gate and hitting it hard to break in. On the flip side, focus on just defending one gate for the duration of the match. Don’t go wandering off, because that will be a good way to get surrounded.

The Best Skills for a Mage

So, since the mage doesn’t have any melee capabilities, it is best to focus on their long-range attacks. There are a few variations to choose from. They come in the guise of either defensive or offensive. The Wind Trap is a nice skill to use for pushing back the opposition. Another good choice will be the Fire Wall. It is precisely what it sounds like. The mage will summon a blockade of fire that will slow down and damage enemies. Lastly, mages can also send Crows to attack enemies, causing them to become handicapped and incapable of fighting.

In terms of agility and trickster tactics, having the Flash Step and Fog skills equipped can be useful. Flash Step will let the mage teleport at a short distance, allowing him to become a harder target. Fog is essentially like a smoke grenade, smogging an area so the enemy team can’t see what’s going on. As far as attacking, Thunder Storm, Magic Napalm, and Phoenix can crush enemies in a short amount of time. They all come with splash damage that can cover an entire area. These can be used for either damaging the opposing team or keeping them at bay.

Best Magic Shots for the Mage

Of course, the mage comes with an assortment of projectiles in Warlander. It certainly makes up for his lack of melee attacks. The Ice Spear is one of the best magic shots to use. It comes with zoom capabilities, allowing it to be a sniper weapon of sorts. Thus, the Fire Ball and Lightning Shock deal moderate damage in rapid succession. Not to mention it also slows down enemies, making them easier targets to finish off. There are also a couple of trap-setting abilities that players can utilize to help set the rules of a battlefield.

These are with the Ignition and Wind Blast magic shots. These attacks will cover the area and will slowly chip away HP. The Wind Blast, in particular, will literally push back the opposing team, forcing them to be exposed for attack. There is also a Familiar that can be summoned called the Gyroscope. This is essentially a turret that comes with unlimited ammunition. It homes in on enemies and it comes in handy with defending castles and reducing the numbers of the opposing team. When this is used along with the aforementioned magic shots, the combination can be deadly.

Best Talents for the Mage

The build features in Warlander go right down to the gear. Sure, players can customize how they want their mage to look, but every piece of equipment comes with perks. So, it is a good idea to read about what perks are available for every type of unlocked equipment. They all come in various tiers, of course. So, some perks and talents are more obvious than others. Players are encouraged to experiment to see what accommodates their playstyle the most. The most obvious choice is Magic Shot Power Up. This can be upgraded to 6.25% damage, which does help in the long run.

Another talent to look out for is Enhanced Headshot. This can really take down enemies with the Ice Spear with only a hit or two. As far as offensive maneuvers, Object Damage Up is recommended. So is Tower Occupation Speed. This will allow the mage to take a tower at half the speed. This helps keep the match flowing. It also wouldn’t hurt to equip HP Up and Speed Up for the mage. Lastly, having the Superior Foe Killer in a mage’s build can really help out during a tight situation.


There are many ways a player can use a mage in Warlander. More often than not, players will see them being used as a defensive sentinal at a castle’s gate. The mage is a fun and nimble character to play and gamers should try them out, at least once. This class is the most accessible in this game and it has much to offer. Warlander is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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