Street Fighter 6 – Dhalsim Guide

The Street Fighter franchise takes no qualms in inserting eccentric characters into its lineup. Everything from mutants, strongmen, amputees, and spiritual gurus has made an appearance throughout the years. One of the most popular, and original, is Dhalsim. A yoga master who has the power to teleport, blow fire, and sling his appendages out like Mr. Fantastic. He has been in almost every incarnation of Street Fighter since the early 90s and now, he’s returning in its sixth installment. He has had some gradual upgrades throughout the last three installments, slowly learning new moves and growing a righteous beard.

When it comes to Zoners, he is the best in the game. A well-trained Dhalsim player can win an entire match from the other side of the stage rather easily. His famous fireball attacks make a return, as well. There are now different variations of them and they can spam the entire stage. This, of course, will cause the opponent to dance around them, leaving them open for an attack. All in all, Dhalsim is fundamentally the same character he has always been, just with some small tweaks. So, any player that has mastered him back in the days of Street Fighter II shouldn’t have any problems jumping into his skin, again. His movement speed is still slow and relaxed, which reflects his Yoga-like mindset.

So, since Street Fighter 6 now has enhanced fighting mechanics thanks to its Drive Gauge System, then things here are a tad different with Dhalsim. His Super Arts Moves can flood the screen and dish out big chunks of damage. He has the ability to fight up close, of course. However, that should be the last resort. Dhalsim works best when he’s far away from the opposition and throwing out a slew of confusing attacks. His Power Moves have remained the same for the most part. Now, they’re slicker and faster in this installment, making Dhalsim a slightly more nimble character that’s hard to keep up with. At least, in terms of his projectiles and attack speed.

Dhalsim’s Power Moves

The following list will lay out the current rendition of Dhalsim’s classic power moves. Generally, they’re the same as they’ve always been, with a few notable exceptions. Especially, with the Yoga Teleport. Dhalsim still bears his fire-breathing powers and in Street Fighter 6, the fireballs can do all sorts of neat tricks. As usual, Dhalsim is rather floaty with his movements. So, try and plan your attacks ahead of time. Strategize on what your opponent might be planning on doing and try and hinder that.

Yoga Fire

  • Roll one-fourth of a circle forward then hit punch. Dhalsim will spew out a fireball that will travel across the stage.

Yoga Blast

  • Roll a half-circle backward and hit a kick button. Dhalsim will blow out a flame that goes upwards. Nice for setting up combos and knocking down opponents who like to stay in the air.

Yoga Flame

  • Roll a half-circle backward and hit a punch button. A flame will ignite from Dhalsim’s mouth, dealing up-close damage.

Yoga Arch

  • Roll one-fourth of a circle forward and hit a kick button. A bouncing fireball will dance across the stage, cornering the opponent. His projectile can come in handy for opponents who like to hang back and refuse to get close. This will, more or less, force them to get a little closer to Dhalsim so he can land some hits.

Yoga Float

  • Press down and hit two kick buttons simultaneously. Dhalsim will levitate in the air, gaining some distance and escaping incoming attacks. This move can also be executed in the air.

Yoga Teleport

  • Lean back or go forward and press either three punch buttons or three kick buttons at the same time. This is Dhalsim’s classic warping move that causes him to disappear and reappear around the stage. This move can also be done while airborne.

Yoga Comet

  • Roll one-fourth of a circle forward and hit punch while airborne. Dhalsim will snort out a fireball that comes down at a forty-degree angle. This move is a good way to keep opponents from jumping around. Plus, it is handy for leading into a follow-up attack while they’re busy blocking or dodging this move.

Dhalsim’s Super Arts Moves

Now, in Street Fighter 6, Dhalsim only comes with a few Super Arts moves. Luckily, they’re all super damaging and have a really extensive range. It is almost impossible for the opponent to escape a couple of these attacks. They can be crushing and can really make nice finishers during a round. Generally, Yoga Sunburst is best used while far away, while the other two should be used while having an opponent in a corner. Hence, try stitching Yoga Inferno and Shin Shoryuken within combos.

Yoga Sunburst

  • Roll one-fourth of a circle back, two times. Then, hit any kick button. Dhalsim will summon a giant fire meteor that will fly up into the air, then crash down onto the opponent.

Yoga Inferno

  • Roll one-fourth of a circle forward, twice. Then, hit any punch button. This move is another large fireball that’s suited for more close-quarter combat.

Shin Shoryuken

  • Roll one-fourth of a circle forward, two times. After that, hit any kick button. This will execute a cinematic move that will show Dhalsim launching his opponent in the air, slapping them around with his arms, then finishing them off with a fiery head spin. Of course, only do this when close to your opponent.


There is no doubt that Dhalsim is a fan favorite within the Street Fighter franchise. In this latest entry, it is nice to know that he still remains a flexible trickster. His new fireball attacks can overcome opponents and keep them guessing. However, these moves are punishable, so it is important not to spam them too much. Street Fighter 6 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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