20 Artistic Video Game Scene Remakes

I’m not exactly sure how you would phrase it.  However, imagine you took some of your favorite games that are “old school” or even just “not up to date” and made them more visually appealing?

That’s what artist Orioto likes to do.   It’s one thing to see a game on an 8-bit Sega Genesis system and then another to see that same game with it’s graphics to match that of today’s video games.

Check out these cool video game scene remakes after the jump….

Leaf Confusion

Mario Bros 3

Dogs and Bullets

Zebes cave

Sea Battlegound

Crystal Catacomb

Smooth Criminal

Ice Climber

Stardust Speedway

Up in the sky


Big Blue

Speleology’s Friends

Land Sorrow

Lava Ballad


Mickey and Donald

Milky Sky

Green Hill Zone

Night Encounter


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