Multiversus: Black Adam Guide

Black Adam is the newest DC character that has jumped into the fray in Multiversus. He naturally comes in the Bruiser class, offering hefty attacks and rather powerful specials. Black Adam can feel a bit on the “slow” side with his movement, but his combos and special attacks make up for it. It can take a little time to figure him out, in terms of combat. However, the mixture of long-range and buffing attacks that he yields can make him an ideal choice for both 2V2 and 1V1 matches.

Black Adam comes with lightning attacks that can easily hit enemies from afar. He also comes with a rather effective recovery move, which can come in handy when nearing ring outs. There are also projectiles that can go through enemies and even objects. Linking together attacks can be fairly simple, once players learn the basic tendencies of his specials.

Move Set – Specials

Aton’s Havoc

  • This is Black Adam’s ground neutral special. This attack doesn’t have to be the best range, however, it can be charged up and extended. The lightning bolt will jump to different targets, and even bypass objects to chase them down. If the bolt connects with an enemy, Black Adam can use it to throw them in different directions. Not to mention that the attack can be aimed either up or down at a 40-degree angle.

Zehuti’s Foresight

  • This ground side attack is basically a dashing move that is followed by a bolt of electricity shortly after. It is good for dodging, not to mention landing a sucker punch on other light-footed enemies.

Shu’s Protection

  • Black Adam’s down ground attack summons a force field that gradually shrinks whenever it takes damage. This will hinder both light and heavy projectiles from hitting Black Adam and his allies. Just note that this move does come with a cooldown period.

Heru’s Flight

  • This is a ground up attack, in which Black Adam will fly throughout the air. Which helps with escaping chaotic matches and even avoiding ring outs.

Best Perks To Use

Triple Jump

  • This obviously helps Black Adam gain some extra air to escape incoming attacks, as well as get the drop on an enemy.


  • This will help with the reduction of cooldowns of Black Adam’s moves.

The Hierarchy Of Power

  • This S-Tier perk is unlocked at level 10 and will help out Black Adam and his allies in a couple of ways. Whenever he uses his fully charged up special attack it will summon not one, but two lightning bolts for both himself and his teammates. This comes in handy with getting opponents off them. If the lightning bolt hits an ally and not an enemy, they will be buffed with electrical powers for a short time.

Circuit Breaker

  • This is an S-Tier perk that is obtained after reaching Level 8. It buffs up his shocking attacks, which are mostly associated with his up-close melee moves.

Aerial Acrobat

  • This perk will help with the speed of Black Adam whenever he is in the air. His highly useful recovery, which can enable him to clear an entire arena, is even more useful with this perk. This, in turn, will help him get back into the fray even faster. Not to mention make him a harder target to hit.

I’ll Take That

  • This helps allies receive a 0.25 cooldown replenishment whenever landing attacks on enemies who are debuffed.

Last Stand

  • Allies will garner a 10 percent damage to their attacks, once their damage meter hits 100.

Best Allies To Use

For the most part, Black Adam works best with other Bruiser and Assassin classes. Superman works pretty well with him. Their powerful attacks can easily break down and pummel the opposition to oblivion. Thusly, Garnet seems to gel with him pretty well. They can feed each other’s electricity attacks, enhancing each other’s special moves. Other notable mentions are Stripe, Harley, Finn, and Arya Stark, which can really help out with landing attacks while Black Adam continuously stuns enemies with his shocking attacks.

Ground Attacks

Call The Heavens

  • Black Adam’s neutral up attack generates a small arc of electrical power above his head. This is good for stunning enemies in mid-air. Once this attack is fully charged, it will summon a lightning bolt to come down and dish out some damage. Of course, this requires a cooldown period, once used.

Might Of Kahndaq

  • This ground side attack unleashes a flurry of punches, which ends with Black Adam throwing his enemy behind him like a rag doll.

Lightning Surge

  • This ground neutral attack allows Black Adam to launch an “hadouken” type of attack, which will send the enemy flying across the arena. It also has the ability to charge up allies’ projectiles and give them shocking properties.

Grounded Blast

  • Black Adam’s down neutral will enable him to slam his fist into the ground, creating an erupting lighting attack from underneath the opponent’s feet. Which, in turn, will cause them to fly up into the air and set them up for a follow-up attack.

Air Attacks

Arc Lightning

  • Black Adam’s air up attack will fire up an arc of electricity while in the air. It is generally the same as his ground up attack. Thus, the lighting bolt won’t come down while he is in the air.

Soaring Rage

  • Black Adam’s side air attack is generally a standard punch and uppercut.

Thunder Clap

  • This neutral air attack will let Black Adam slam his hands together, popping an electrical charge up close, which can be one of the most powerful moves in Multiversus.

Flying Roundhouse

  • Black Adam’s air down attack will cause him to flip down into the air, kicking his opponent on the head.

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