The Most Plausible Mario

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I’ve seen a lot of “realistic Mario” attempts in my day, from cosplay to drawings, but out of all them, this is probably the best I’ve seen.

It’s from artist Mike Meth, and shows what it would look like if Mario was actually the plumber he claims to be. There’s just something about that face, which is Burt Reynolds meets Ron Swanson, that really brings the whole thing together, and propels it past other past attempts.

Looking over his portfolio, he doesn’t dabble in video games all that often, but I hope he continues this series with some other famous games characters. He does have CJ and Niko from GTA here and here.

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  1. This is pretty awesome…but all i can think right now is seeing this guy in the game…just running and sprinting, flying and yadda yadda yadda….it’s a funny image lol

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