If Box Art Was Made 30 Years Ago for Modern Games

It’s hard to believe that video games have been around for more than 30 years now, longer than I’ve been alive. They’ve evolved a lot in the past few decades, and it makes you wonder where they’ll be in ANOTHER thirty years, as we’ve gone from Pong to Skyrim in a relatively short amount of time.

This art project imagines what it might have been like if current games’ box art was re imagined using the art style of the ’80s. For whatever reason, everyone seemed to be way, way worse at design back then, and as such, this creates some pretty hilarious boxes.

From FIFA to Soul Calibur to Uncharted, check out the full gallery below via GamesRadar:

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  1. I don’t know why you featured Demon’s Souls are your cover pic.

    It’s on a 360 box and no such thing exists. It’s like putting Gears on a PS3 box.

  2. @PokeMan: It’s what every one of us Halo* followers too broke to also have a PS3 wanted at the time Demon’s Souls was released.

    *Incidentally I did not enjoy the 360 Halos as much as the old XBox ones. I loved Halo 2’s control scheme so much, and now it’s all different.

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