10 More Awesome Video Game Theme Song Interpretations


Back in December Mr. Tassi brought you an awesome compilation of video game theme covers which was a big hit with our audience.   Since that time I’ve gone out and combed the airwaves to find more exceptional covers that would interest the lot of you.

Just for the record there were 2 videos that I simply had to show again.  But the other 8 are just as badass.

Enjoy 10 more awesome video game theme song intepretations

“M” Chrono Trigger Frog Theme

Mario Theme Performed by Orchestra

The Legend of Zelda Theme on theremin

The Duke Nukem Jam

Mortal Kombat Theme

Contra’s Jungle Jam

Double Dragon’s Jam

Mike Tyson Punchout Remix

Piano Version of Castlevania Theme

Piano Metroid Kraid

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