Ranking the Top 10 Destiny 2 Exotics

In the sci-fi game “Destiny 2” there are hundreds of cool and amazing weapons, known as exotics. These exotic energy weapons are lethal, incredibly powerful and so unique players of the game who enjoy it on PlayStation4, PC, or Xbox One, can only wield one of these incredible weapons one at a time. Here is a list of powerful “Destiny 2” exotics.”

1. The Ace of Spades

A powerful hand cannon that can only be obtained on a questing mission, this weapon’s greatest feature is it reloads after a kill loads the magazine again with bullets that can cause more damage. But another feature this weapon has it grants radar to its user while aiming down its sights. The Ace of Spades is understandably considered to be the greatest weapon on this or any other list in the game. The radar system attached to it is on at all times, and using the gun to kill continuously gives it extra damage bullets for doing even more damage, so if you are a game fan and you wish to try this game out, go for the Ace of Spades; it will give you the chance to shoot your targeted enemies in the head, which some will consider a perk since it controls the crowds. However, there is a downside to the Ace of Spades – it isn’t really stable, and its range isn’t much, and the rate of fire is unpredictable.

2. Thunderlord

A machine is a common enough weapon in many games as well as in movies, and in the real world. However, in Destiny 2, this exotic machine gun also generates lightning strikes, hence its name! This feature is known as “Reign Havoc.” The Thunderlord was the first actual machine gun to be introduced into this game series, immediately becoming one of the top weapons. It is useful in nearly every situation, and it does a great deal of damage on enemies.

3. Whisper of the Worm

A sniper rifle with another refilling option after the rapid shooting of three high precision hits, Whisper of the Worm was once known in the game franchise as either Black Hammer or Black Spindle in the first Destiny game. It is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the game, though you would need to have expertise in how to handle it since it is so exotic. The rifle comes with unlimited ammunition, with the downside it will only happen if you have landed three precision shots.

4. Graviton Lance

A pulse rifle easily granted if you go on a quest to find one, though it can come offered as a reward to players, this weapon is on this list because of what it can do. Originally considered a laughingstock in the game when it first appeared, the Graviton Lance has become a weapon you do not want to be used on yourself. Why? How many weapons can you call devastating if it tears a rip in the fabric of time and space, creating a “black hole” for a lack of a better term? Well, this one can, and as a result, the Graviton lance can cause tremendous damage with no fallout. Best of all it is a stable weapon.

5. Crimson

Another hand cannon which, unlike the previously mentioned Ace of Spades, is given as a random reward. Crimson is called a “banned weapon” in the game, but it is super great because once it is fired it’s three-round burst killing targets automatically, the firepower instantly regenerates the user. If you find your character in the game about to die, just pick up Crimson, fire a three-round burst, and you’ll be back on your feet.

6. Riskrunner

Another machine gun though this one is technically a sub-machine gun, Riskrunner is one of those Destiny 2 exotics you can get either on a quest or as a reward. Its power is its an arc conductor. This means when it takes arc damage to itself, the Riskrunner will become increasingly more powerful and resists arc damage on its way. A great submachine gun even without arc damage, when its exposed to arc energy, the gun will become more powerful.

7. The Wardcliff Coil

A random reward rocket launcher that fires a volley of rockets to cause more damage in a large area, the Wardcliff Coil works in most situations. Unfortunately, it isn’t entirely a good weapon if you need something to cause precise damage to a large area, otherwise, the weapon is fun to use though it is hinted to be dangerous to the user as equally as it’s lethal to the enemy.

8. Malfeasance

Another hand cannon which can be obtained on a questing mission, getting this particular weapon is well worth the effort to go out and find a Destiny 2 Exotic. The perk is known as “explosive shadow.” These tainted bullets aren’t just fired, no. They burrow into the enemy, and if you use enough of them at a time, the bullets will explode, making it great to use on most enemies. It’s perfect for killing enemy players in the Gambit mode.

9. Trinity Ghoul

The only combat bow on this list, the Trinity Ghoul is another random reward weapon. Its exotic power is “split electron” that fires an arrow directly at a target that splits after its released. Trinity Ghoul stands out since it can take out many enemies at once.

10. The Colony

A grenade launcher which isn’t your typical mundane grenade launcher, the Colony is another example of a random reward weapon. Unlike traditional grenade launchers, this one is slightly more poetic in that it fires insectoid robot grenades that chase down the targets and explode close to them. These little insects find and destroy their targets, making this particular weapon a grenade launcher of choice in player against the player activity.

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