20 Things You Didn’t Know about Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda is the final boss of Resident Evil Village. For those who are unfamiliar, the latter is the eighth main installment in the survival horror series, as shown by how the “Village” in its name is specifically presented in a way to make it seem as though it includes “VIII.” As such, Mother Miranda has gotten a fair amount of interest in recent times, seeing as how Resident Evil Village has been well-received on the whole.

1. Lived in the Village

The woman who would become Mother Miranda lived in the Village that serves as the primary setting of Resident Evil Village. Said settlement is situated in a mountainous region, with the result that it is so isolated that it has its own culture. Something that is made very clear by Resident Evil Village.

2. Was Presumably a Romanian Citizen

Regardless, the exact location of the Village hasn’t been said. However, the best guess is that it is situated somewhere in Romania. Both the Eastern Carpathians and the Southern Carpathians extend into Romania. Furthermore, there are other clues, with examples ranging from how the currency is called the Leu to how Dimitrescu is a Romanian surname. As such, it seems that Miranda was a Romanian citizen, however much that meant.

3. Was Born in the Late 19th Century

Speaking of which, Miranda seems to have been born in Romania. That might sound obvious. However, it is important to note that Miranda was born in the late 19th century, meaning that interested individuals might be tempted to guess that she was born before the creation of Romania because she was born before the break-ups of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Russian Empire in the early 20th century. Having said that, it is important to note that Romania came into existence well before that point in 1859 through a personal union of Moldavia and Wallachia. After which, it became independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1877. In other words, Miranda seems to have been born in Romania.

4. She Lost Her Daughter to the Spanish Flu

This means that Miranda lived through the Spanish Flu. Unfortunately, her daughter Eva did not, thus providing her with her motivation of resurrecting her daughter. For those who are unfamiliar, the Spanish Flu was an influenza pandemic that is believed to have killed 25 million to 50 million people, with the extreme low-end estimate being 17 million and the extreme high-end estimate being 100 million. The first known case happened at Camp Funston in the U.S. state of Kansas. However, the Spanish Flu winded up becoming known as the Spanish Flu because Spanish newspapers were free to report on what was happening whereas wartime censors in the belligerent countries in the First World War suppressed news of the same for the purpose of maintaining morale.

5. She Survived the Devastation of Her Village

It seems safe to say that the Spanish Flu was a devastating event for the Village. After all, so many people died that the local cemetary ran out of burial space, with the result that the survivors had to bury the dead in the Potter’s Field as well as other places outside of the Village. That presumably didn’t do wonders for Miranda’s mind-set, which was bad enough that she was going to commit suicide after her daughter died.

6. She Stumbled Upon the Mold

Miranda stumbled upon the Mold when she was planning to commit suicide. This provided her with new purpose. In short, the Mold is capable of storing the memories of the organisms that it assimilates, which included Eva. As a result, Miranda came to believe that she could resurrect her daughter through its use, thus putting her on the path to becoming the Mother Miranda seen in Resident Evil Village.

7. She Infected the Other Villagers

The first step in Miranda’s plan saw her spreading the Mold to the other villagers. This saved them from the Spanish Flu. However, this also made them very susceptible to Miranda’s influence, so much so that she had few difficulties with establishing a new cult centered upon what she called the Black God. Having said that, the isolated nature of the Village meant that it was already rather unusual in this regard, which may or may not have helped along the transition process.

8. She Became a Researcher

It seems safe to say that Miranda didn’t come from a very academic background. After all, she was living in a very isolated village, which doesn’t exactly suggest excellent access to educational resources. Still, Miranda managed to become a researcher for the purpose of achieving her singular goal by developing a better understanding of the Mold. In this, one could say that she was a lot like our scientific forerunners, seeing as how every single field of scientific understanding had to start somewhere. Some fields might have started out under relatively lavish circumstances, but it seems safe to say that most had much humbler beginnings.

9. She Created Cadou

For proof that Miranda became a researcher, look no further than the fact that she managed to get results. Granted, they weren’t what most people would consider to be very nice results but they were nonetheless results. For instance, Miranda created the Cadou, which are nematodes that have been exposed to the Mold. Something that can be used to produce spectacular though often horrific results in human hosts.

10. She Is Responsible for the Creation of the Lycans

To name an example, one could say that Miranda was responsible for the creation of the canine-like Lycans. Said mutants weren’t an intended consequence of her human experimentation. However, Lycans are nonetheless a byproduct of Miranda’s research just like those who died from the Cadou.

11. She Is Responsible for Alcina Dimitrescu

Some of Miranda’s research made more successful failures out of the candidates. To be exact, they were successful in that they were useful for her project. However, they were also failures in the sense that they couldn’t serve as a suitable vessel for Miranda’s daughter. One of these successful failures was Alcina Dimitrescu, who is one of the most recognizable characters in Resident Evil Village because of how she captured the Internet’s attention for a short period of time. For that matter, she would be pretty distinctive even without that online popularity, seeing as how she is a vampiric-looking woman who towers at quite a bit more than 2 meters in height.

12. She Is Responsible for Karl Heisenberg

Similarly, Miranda was also responsible for Karl Heisenberg, who was unusual in that he held a very understandable grudge against her even while he was serving as one of her lieutenants. Unfortunately for him, he was willing to make use of the protagonist Ethan Winters’s daughter Rose in order to get his revenge, so it should come as no surprise to learn what happened to him in the end. In any case, Karl also managed to stand out by being an excellent engineer, which he used to ensure that his mutated form was a cybernetic monster rather than just a standard flesh-and-blood monster.

13. She Is Responsible for Donna Beneviento

Besides Alcina and Karl, Miranda was also responsible for Donna Beneviento, who was rather unusual in that she never showed a mutated form. It isn’t clear whether this was because Donna had no mutated form or because Donna was killed before she could show a mutated form. However, it doesn’t matter because she was based on a very different horror trope, which would be that of haunted dolls as well as other possessed objects. Indeed, Donna’s concept was that she was apparently supposed to be a ghost.

14. She Is Responsible for Salvatore Moreau

Finally, Miranda was responsible for Salvatore Moreau as well. Alcina, Karl, and Donna could be human-looking. However, the same can’t be said for Salvatore Moreau, who is a hideous combination of fish, salamander, and human even before his transformation into his mutated form. Something that had a devastating effect on his personality. This is perhaps unsurprising, seeing as how his name is a clear reference to The Island of Doctor Moreau in which the titular character tried to create human-animal hybrids by vivisecting animals.

15. She Mentored Oswell E. Spencer

Beyond Resident Evil Village, Miranda is notable in that she mentored Oswell E. Spencer, a British medical student who got lost during a hike in the 1950s. This is important because said individual was the driving force behind Umbrella Corporation, meaning that he was a major contributor to the events of much of the Resident Evil series because he wanted to remake the human species. Something that caused him to part ways with Miranda, who was focused on a single individual to the exclusion of other concerns. Despite this, Spencer has had relatively little presence in the series, as shown by how he has never turned into a horrible mutant monster for the player to gun down.

16. Contributed to the Creation of Eveline

Speaking of which, Miranda contributed a great deal to the creation of Eveline, a genetically-modified human who was meant to be a bioweapon capable of controlling minds. Unsurprisingly, that didn’t make for the most stable of personalities, as shown by the events of the seventh main installment in the Resident Evil series. As for Miranda’s role in the whole mess, well, she contributed a sample of Mold plus a sample of her daughter’s DNA, which were used to create Eveline.

17. Liked to Spy On the Villagers Under a Different Guise

The Mold meant that Miranda could take on other appearances. She is known to have put that ability to use in a number of ways. To name an example, she liked to spy on the villagers by pretending to be the so-called Old Hag, thus providing her with a useful eye to gauge what they were thinking while being beneath their notice.

18. Wasn’t Always Envisioned This Way

It is natural for plans to change a great deal during game development. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that Miranda wasn’t always the final boss envisioned for Resident Evil Village. Indeed, considering what is known about the original vision for the final boss, the two aren’t even recognizable as being two versions of the same thing.

19. Came About From Combining Two Concepts

After all, Miranda was created by combining two separate characters, with one being the cult leader and the other being the researcher. Originally, the plan was for the cult leader to be a middle-aged man who would turn into a dragon-like monster. However, that concept was eventually separated into two, with the role being handed over to the aforementioned Old Hag while the transformation into a dragon-like monster was handed over to Alcina. Meanwhile, Miranda was originally envisioned as being a researcher studying the Mold. In the end, it was decided that she could be merged with the Old Hag, thus resulting in the character that exists in the released version of the game.

20. Is a Multi-Form Final Boss

In true video game tradition, Miranda is a multi-form final boss, meaning that she comes with a number of patterns that must be countered using the right approach. For example, when she uses her darkness effect, that can be countered by either listening for her laugh or using a flashbang to remove the darkness. Similarly, when she starts hurling fireballs, the player needs to be fast enough to shoot them out of the sky. Interested individuals can find out all of the relevant information on their own through trial and error. However, if they are stuck, it might be useful for them to check out a video so that they know what to expect.

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