20 Things You Didn’t Know about Endermen in Minecraft


Endermen is a group of Minecraft characters that forms a mob. They’re neutral in nature. You can identify them by their purple eyes and long arms and legs. Each one is three blocks in height. Players are safe from the mobs if they avoid attacking them or making direct contact with them. If you’re new to Enderman, you’re in the right place to learn everything you need to know. Here are twenty things you probably didn’t know about Anderen in Minecraft.

1. Endermen can be dangerous

Endermen mobs are generally safe if you take the advice to avoid eye contact with them or attacking, but if you’re aggressive, you’d better watch out. Open Sky News shares that although the mob is neutral, you can provoke them to form a mob and attack your character. It’s a trouble that is avoidable.

2. Endermen spawn in the dark

It’s more common to find groups of Endermen spawning in larger groups in dark places at night in places such as caves. They only spawn in light levels of seven or below. They spawn in places that are three blocks high. you don’t often see them in groups over two on land during daylight hours. They usually appear in groups of four in the end. They generally breed in soul sand valleys, warped forests, or nether wastes. These are the places you’re most likely to see them in larger groups.

3. Endermen make peculiar sounds

Endermen don’t usually make sounds unless they’re alone. A long Enderman makes odd noises to attract prey, but it’s not something they usually do in groups. once you hear the sounds you’ll be better able to identify them.

4. Players can make Endermen teleport

It’s not difficult to make an Enderman angry and get him to teleport. The best way to stir a hostile response is to stare at the Enderman above his upper legs. It triggers an alert with him and he becomes hostile toward you. When Endermen teleport, the action can catch you off guard. The Endermen teleport in mobs, moving toward the player, but they make a screeching sound before they do. It’s a warning that they’re coming.

5. You can protect yourself from Endermen attacks with a pumpkin

Players may place a pumpkin on the top of their heads to ward off Endermen mobs. It’s an action that keeps you safe from damage dealt by Endermen. Players must carve out a pumpkin then wear it on top of their heads like a helmet to ward off attacks from Endermen mobs. While this is a great protection strategy, it isn’t foolproof. Endermen are gifted with a special ability to remove the pumpkin from the top of your head, then proceed with their attack. It’s more of a distraction or a delay that buys you some time to escape the Endermen or stop their attacks. The pumpkin helmet is only useful until you provoke an Enderman though.

6. Endermen can be distracted

If you’re being attacked by Endermen mobs, the best thing to do is to kill one of them or provide a clever distraction. It’s the only way to get the mob to cease the attack. They stop when one of the Endermen dies. It’s in your best interest to kill one if you can’t get away.

7. You don’t need to provoke an Enderman to get attacked

Players can do all the right things, avoid making eye contact with Endermen mobs, and not attack first, but still get attacked. If you’re unfortunate enough to be in the area where an Enderman is attacking an ender mite, your presence is all that is needed for the Enderman to attack you instead of the ender mite. It’s a good idea to be prepared whenever you see an Enderman because you never know when an attack might come. Ender mites spawn from ender pearl teleportations and Endermen are known to attack them. Endermen drop ender pearl.

8. You need a bucket of water to fight Endermen

One of the ways to combat Endermen mobs is with a bucket of water. If an Ederman becomes hostile, the bucket of water is one of your best defenses. When you’re in areas at risk of Enderman mob populations it’s wise to at least have a bucket of water nearby because you never know when you’ll need it for self-preservation. Water is a substance that causes melee damage to Endermen mobs and it immediately makes them neutral.

9. You can protect your houses from Endermen mob threats

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from Endermen mob threats in your house. Build your house in an area that is either surrounded by lava or water. These are the substances that produce melee damage to mobs, providing you with immediate neutralization when you’re attacked. Build your house ceilings just two blocks high. Enermen must have three blocks of space to enter. they’re less of a threat when you take a few simple steps.

10. You can stare at Endermen mobs without provoking them

Staring at Endmen mobs is the surest way to provoke them to attack you. Players do have one option for looking at them. Looking at the Endermen through glass windows is the only way to do it without provoking them. This is why you should build glass windows in your house.

11. There is a terminology list for Endermen mobs

Minecraft Wiki Fandom points out that there is an etiquette to observe when talking about an Enderman or an Endermen mob. When several Endermen gather in a group, humans call it a haunting. Endermen call a group an End. It’s the same difference as referring to the plural of geese as a gaggle, or the plural of crows gathered in a group as a murder. One must observe the proprieties when referring to Endermen.

12. Purple particles could mean the Endermen is near

If you want to be alerted to the presence of Endermen, look for purple particles. You will find these particles emitted from the Endermen. They’re also shed by Nether portals, end Portals, and Ender Pearls. it’s the same type of matter. While it’s not a sure sign that you’re about to encounter an Endermen Haunting, they may have left the matter. It’s always a good idea to be on alert when there is a possibility of Endermen in the area because you never know when something will provoke them to attack. If you’re wearing a pumpkin helmet, you could stare at them without realizing it.

13. The biggest groups of Endermen occur in the End

Endermen are the most likely to occur in large groups in the End. This is where they’re found in the largest numbers. If you encounter a large group of them avoid staring at them. you will hear them making strange noises when they are idle. They’re not quiet beings. You may see them wandering around or teleporting randomly. It’s usually no cause for concern if you know that they’re not nearby of end mites.

14. You can provoke Endermen from a distance

You don’t need to be close to an Enderman to provoke an attack. It’s not likely that you’ll look at the right spot on him from 64 blocks away, but it could happen. Even though it’s a long way off, a stare at the part of its body above the legs is all that it takes to rile them up and put them in attack mode. You’ll know if you’ve triggered its hostility immediately. The creatures open their mouths and begin screeching. Their next response is to either teleport directly at you or run toward you. You can also attack them from up to 64 blocks away to get the same response. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you have plenty of time though. The creatures can also teleport to your position to take you on. It’s almost as though the Endermen are there to teach players that it is not polite to stare.

15. If you hurt an Enderman it will run away

The only way to end an attack of an Enderman is to kill one or inflict a great deal of damage. A single Enderman will teleport away from you after it begins taking a lot of damage. The things that damage them include rain, water, fire, and lava. Any of these elements will do the trick nicely. In earlier versions, the light was a distraction that could make them teleport to another location. You can also hit with any projectile to make them flee, including splash potions, arrows, eggs, or snowballs.

16. Endermen are old and rare

Endermen are rare mobs compared to the other Minecraft mobs. These include creepers, skeletons, and zombies. They’re the oldest mobs in the game, but they’re also unique. Endermen are the only mob that can spawn in The End, The Nether, and The Overworld in Minecraft. None of the others are blessed with this ability. It’s one of the things that set them apart from other mobs in Minecraft.

17. Endermen are flower pickers

Endermen tend to pick up blocks and move them. There are several blocks that they can pick up. Some examples are flowers, grass blocks, podzol, gravel, sand, and more. They can pick every type of flower in the game. It’s not uncommon to see neutral Endermen traveling around the dimensions carrying a flower in its hands. It’s much better to see them roaming around with a flower than screeching and launching an attack on your player. It’s wise to note that even if an Enderman is carrying a flower, he will still attack you if you stare at him or attack him.

18. Endermen can be helpful to players

In Minecraft, Endermen can fight beside the players when fighting the Ender Dragon. That is if the boss provokes them. All it takes is for the Ender Dragon to take a low flying swoop at the Enderman and either breathe acid on them or hit them. This is an action that will invite the wrath of the mob. They’ll do their best to fight it back alongside the player. Endermen in Minecraft fight the Ender Dragon alongside the player if provoked by the boss. If the Ender Dragon flies low enough to hit the Enderman or breathe acid on them, the mob will try to fight back.

19. Endermen drop silk touched blocks

Game Rant points out another interesting fact about Endermen. They’re gifted with the ability to pick up blocks. They pick them up but do not harvest them or break them. They do pick flowers. They pick up grass blocks that won’t turn into dirt blocks. If the Enderman dies while holding a block, it doesn’t change. It remains in its current state. It is as though the block was mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe.

20. Endermen can preserve any block

Endermen have some unique abilities that make them different. One of these abilities is their power to preserve any block in the same state it was in before they picked it up. The same holds true after they drop it. It applies to many different kinds of blocks. They’re good at randomly moving blocks and shifting them from one place to another. One of the most chilling situations occurs when they pick up a TNT block and set it near a power source. It’s just one more way that they make Minecraft a fun game.

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