Never Hurts to Plan Ahead: Plotting Next Year’s Halloween Costume

riot shield

This happens to me EVERY YEAR. I get my costume all set and in place, and right when it gets within a few weeks of Halloween, I have an idea for something else I could have done. Then by the time next year rolls around, I’ve forgotten all about it. WELL NOT THIS TIME.

I’m going to record this idea in a published post, along with my conceptual photoshops of what it might look like. The idea is inspired by Modern Warfare Mario, a combat remake of the Mushroom Kingdom that has inspired its fair of cosplay and fan videos. I thought that it would be cool to translate the concept to another Nintendo property, the Legend of Zelda.

So, my idea is that I want to do a Tactical Combat Link costume. It involves buying a fair bit of military hardware, and some design work I’m not quite sure how to pull off. The concept is to take a riot shield (yes, you can buy actual riot shields on the internet) and inscribe it with the Hyrulian pattern of Link’s shield. His green outfit is now a tactical vest and pants. His Master Sword now a painted silver shotgun.

I have all the pieces assembled in a gallery below, and see if you like where I’m going with this, or if you have any other ideas yourself.

Beret with Triforce patch. Probably need some fake elf ears too, I suppose.


Olive colored vest. They don’t really make these in bright green. I’d probably wear a white button down shirt underneath it.


Yeah, really not going to wear a skirt with white tights with this concept. But if you have any other ideas…


Cuffs seem pretty straightforward too. Not sure what I could do to make them cooler, but there has to be something.


Pretty proud of this idea for a Master Shotgun. Though repainting this is much easier in Photoshop than in real life, I’m guessing.


Was also trying to brainstorm about other aspects of Link to brink in. Ocarina/radio maybe? Something with bombs or the hookshot? Not sure. Open to suggestions, but this is what I came up with so far.


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  1. -Grenades as Bombs is a pretty easy one.
    -Kokiri sword as a knife.
    -the longshot already is a grapple hook(im sure u could cardboard a hook and attach it to a nerf gun.. while not functional could just be something hanging off ur belt)
    -bow and arrow could be cross bow
    -and u can dress up that shotgun to look more like the master sword
    -get some hylian tattoos
    But yea this sounds awesome…i was kicking around a link/borderlands cosutme idea last year but this looks so cool, ill try and think of more equipment to actual tactical gear

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