I’ve Been Saying This for Years

From the folks at Dueling Analogs comes this incredibly informative mathematical equation that pretty much sums up my exact views on video game violence.

People often point to rage videos on YouTube of teenagers punching holes in their walls, throwing controllers through their TVs or cursing like a demon possessed sailor as evidence that video games do in fact cause violent behavior. But what do these videos all have in common? All the players featured are LOSING.

Think back to when you’ve experienced your own video game rage blackouts (you know you’ve had them). Did you suddenly start screaming and throwing your Xbox controller when you just murdered 15 people with a Warthog in Halo? How about shredding 25 poor souls with a chopper gunner in Call of Duty? No! Of course not. You’re either fist-pumping at your achievement, or sitting quietly back in your chair with a stoic look on your face thinking “f*ck yeah, I’m awesome.”

Rather, it’s when you go 0-10 for the first five minutes of a game you start screaming. It’s when you get killed by a luck shot from some asshole in Last Stand from across the map. The moments where you’re NOT killing people are actually the most frustrating.

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  1. I have an urge to maim others when playing NHL 11 or FIFA 11. Not because I lost, a loss is a loss, I can deal with that. It’s when it’s tied up in the last couple minutes of play and I score a goal and the other player unplugs his xbox. Not only making the game not count on our records but also leaving me asking “Really dude? You couldn’t handle taking a loss? You had 3 minutes left and you had no other choice but to douche it up and disconnect.”

    Many rage filled messages have been sent due to this situation. As for dying in black ops or having a terrible match, those matches come and go and are easy to deal with after a match when I go 20-5….. but if I’m consistently getting destroyed I just change the game.

  2. RRRRRRAAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEEEEE! No, seriously, if you aren’t having a good time, turn the fucker off. Problem solved. People forget that this hobby is meant to be enjoyed and not treated as a life-or-death test of worth. If I have a few bad games and frustration sets in, I go do something else. Rage averted. I have actually avoided playing a lot of games online unless they hand rage-quitters losses on their records because I am so sick of people unplugging because they can’t take a loss. The first UFC Undisputed was so legendary for this that I never even bothered with multiplayer.

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