Street Fighter vs Tekken in Street Art Form

Street art is all the rage this year as Banksy just won an Oscar (I’m assuming, I’m writing this before the show, but Exit Through the Gift Shop HAS to win).

Therefore, in that spirit I’ve decided to share this series of pictures with you that is a creative new look at Street Fighter (update: and Tekken, I’m an idiot). I’m not sure if it’s actually on a wall somewhere (that would be awesome), but it is definitely in street art style.

Check out the full gallery below:

[via Pondly]

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  1. Art aside, pant-crappingly awesome as it is, I don’t think this is hanging on a wall anywhere. The ‘comic print’ effect would be retarded difficult to do. Of course, a stencil is a possible solution, but still very tedious. I tried doing something similar once and it turned out like shit, and that is to say, I have lots of experience with spray paint and street art.

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