The Seven Coolest Uses of Halo’s Forge

Halo's Forge

I’ve never really taken the time to use Halo 3‘s Forge that much, probably because I have the attention span of a six year-old and if I go any longer than ten minutes without shooting something, my brain turns off.  But there are some who have taken Halo‘s map editor to heart, and have fashioned some truly magnificent custom creations. True, ten hours of work is often rewarded by nothing more than a cool YouTube video, but who cares, it’s a damn cool YouTube video.   Let the games begin!  Here are the seven coolest uses of Halo’s forge.

7) Racetrack

With the addition of the highly maneuverable Mongoose in Halo 3, it’s easier than ever to set up your own racetrack. Insanely massive jumps are always encouraged.

6) Spin Cycle

Um, because you can?

5) Catapult and Trampoline

This is called, “fun with a physics engine” and there’s no better way to be launched into battle. I’m not exactly sure how long it would take to set something like this up, but as shown it might earn you YouTube infamy.

4) Emulation

Ever wish you could go back to a simpler time in gaming? You don’t have to dust off your Atari, just spend 30 odd hours in the Forge recreating your favorite games of old.

3) Rodeo

Fill the Elephant up with explosives to brim, detonate and watch the fireworks show. But for the best results, drop your guy on top of the whole thing, and see how long he can manage to stay atop the bucking mass.

2) Elaborate Suicide

Sick and tired of getting pwned all the time? Take some time to relax in the Forge, get all your affairs in order, then set up an overly complex Rube Goldberg machine to end your life in the most explosive way possible.

1) …



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  1. i’m mishkabob, i’m the one who made the masterchief thing

    you guys should see the other things i made on my profile

    haven’t played halo since i made them…which was like in january…

  2. The forge is great, many wonders can be created. Oh and to you “nick” ever hear of a mute button? Or is it that your underdeveloped prepubescent mind can’t possibly watch a video without music playing through your head?

  3. Look i have been forging since halo 3 came out, and i have been getting pretty good at it. Its a shame that not a lot of people get into it but, i can tell you why… If your not good you dont get reconized by bungie let alone your friends… ive made about 5 really good maps that all my friends enjoy, yet i wait to get on bungie favorets, personaly i think someone should make a clan about forging, so bungie can just take a look at all of the decent ones. i am in the making of a map that will be called Great pyramid…. im hoping it will be noticed…. BTW all the maps currently on bungie favorets in the past month have all sucked…… my opinion about these eight coolest things to do on forge is: you need to redo it because making maps for infections and slayers is the best thing ever… For those to compare map ideas or let alone see mine…. my gammer tag is

  4. I don’t know if you geniuses know this, but most of this Forge stuff sucks compared to stuff I’ve played and seen. The only reason you featured these is either because they were on Bungie Favorites or on YouTube.

  5. Hey, my gamertag is Gun and Ammo. I have a bunch of screenshots that are more than Bungie Favorites worthy. I found a few, but most are mine so enjoy and if you like them download them, show other people, put it on youtube, recommend it, and send me a message! Thanks!

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