Ranking Every Fortnite Chapter 1 Season From Worst To Best

It is hard to believe that Fortnite is now over four years old, with Battle Royale launching in September 2017. Chapter 3 is right around the corner which will give the game its third map, as well as add improved graphics and new mechanics. While the gaming world waits in anticipation, now is the perfect time to go back in time and look at where it all began for Fortnite with Chapter 1. Here are all of the Fortnite Chapter 1 seasons ranked from worst to best.

10. Chapter 1 Season 6

After multiple great back-to-back seasons, Season 6 fell flat really. The season did add some fun stuff such as the Quad Launcher, Quadcrasher vehicle, and Heavy Assault Rifle, it also was the first season to implement Fortnitemares and it wasn’t that good and would be drastically improved in future years.

9. Chapter 1 Season 1

Season 1 is where Fortnite began back in late-2017. The game was incredibly basic when compared to the game today, but Epic Games immediately had a hit on their hands and it didn’t take long for the game to start gaining immense popularity among players.

8. Chapter 1 Season X

Season X marked the end of Fortnite Chapter 1 after players spent two years on the original map across 10 seasons. Overall, the season was fairly disappointing, with players ready for a change in the game, as well as Fortnite just becoming incredibly hectic with too much on the map and an awkward loot pool. The season did have its good points though, with some unique mechanics in POIs, such as Gotham City coming to the game. Fortnite Season X also marked the start of the FNCS competitive tournament that takes place each season. The conclusion of the event saw the black hole event that sucked the map into the Zero Point and ushered in the start of Chapter 2.

7. Chapter 1 Season 8

Season 8 was a disappointing season overall, with locations such as Lazy Links being removed to add in a jungle biome. The Battle Pass wasn’t very good, but it did bring in the popular character Peely. The season did add a few great weapons, items, and mechanics though, such as the Ballers, Reboot Van, Flint-Knock, and Boom Bow.

6. Chapter 1 Season 2

When Season 2 rolled around the game had begun to gain more traction and it also featured the first-ever Battle Pass, which included the Black Knight skin, as well as the popular Floss, emote. Season 2 was also the first season to take place over the Christmas period, which saw the first seasonal change come to the game. While the game was gaining a lot of popularity, it had yet to explode in popularity and Epic Games were still finding their footing with their new hit game, leaving the game a bit basic when compared to future seasons.

5. Chapter 1 Season 9

Chapter 1 Season 9 was a season that players either loved or hated. The season saw in the introduction of Neo Tilted and Mega Mall in place of Tilted Towers and Retail Row which divided opinions. Season 9 did have its good points though, as it brought weapons such as the Epic and Legendary Tactical Shotgun, Proximity Grenade Launcher, Chug Splash, and Combat Shotgun. The season was also the season that the Fortnite World Cup took place in, which saw Bugha win $3 million by winning the event in New York City.

4. Chapter 1 Season 3

Season 3 was the season where the game gained most of its popularity, becoming a mega hit across the world with tens of millions of players jumping from the Battle Bus every day. The Battle Pass is best known for its tier 100 skin, The Reaper, which earned the nickname of John Wick as he was based on the popular character played by Keanu Reeves. The Battle Pass also saw the inclusion of the ultimate troll emote, Take The L.

3. Chapter 1 Season 7

Season 7 added the snow biome to the game, which included POIs such as Frosty Flights, Happy Hamlet, and Polar Peak, as well as bringing the first flying vehicle to the game. Overall it was a very good season, but it will be tarnished due to being the season that introduced the shortlived Mythic Infinity Blade sword, which caused a lot of controversy at the time, but thankfully it was removed after a couple of days.

2. Chapter 1 Season 4

Following Season 3, which saw the game explode in popularity, Epic Games continued to ride the wave with Season 4, which saw a superhero vs villains theme, as well as the addition of Dusty Divot, which became a top POI in the game for many seasons. Season 4 also saw the first-ever live event, which saw a rocket launch that ended up being sucked into a rift which set the wheels in motions for what would eventually happen at the black hole event in Season X.

1. Chapter 1 Season 5

Season 5 was the best season of Chapter 1, with the build-up seeing items from the Fortnite universe appearing in the real world, such as the Durrr Burger head being found in a desert in California. The season also saw the addition of Lazy Links and the incredibly popular desert biome which housed Paradise Palms. Many great weapons and items were added to the game during Season 5 too, including ATK vehicles, the Silenced Assault Rifle, Double Barrell Shotgun, Rift To Go, Epic and Legendary SMG, and the Shockwave Grenade. Season 5’s Battle Pass was one of the best of the chapter too, with skins such as Drift and Ragnarok being very popular and becoming iconic.

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