Can’t. Stop. Posting Godzilla Trailers

While 2015 and 2016 are going to be packed full of hugely anticipated summer blockbusters, I don’t think the same is quite true for 2014. Somehow, some way, Godzilla actually looks like the most promising movie of the summer, standing head and shoulders above superhero fare like X-Men and Spider-man in my eyes (though I also have high hopes for Guardians of the Galaxy).

They’ve just released the “Asian” trailer for the movie, appropriate give where the series started, and there’s a lot more footage which confirms that yes, there will be more monsters thanĀ just Godzilla in the film.

Excellent as always, but I have to think with the movie out next month, this may be the last footage we see.

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  1. Nor should you stop posting Godzilla trailers.This is the best advertising campaign for a film I’ve seen. Every trailer different, but amazing, as if there isn’t a non-awesome frame or line in the whole thing.

  2. Godzilla looks better than X-men? You must be bonkers.
    This Godzilla looks like they took the monster from the 1998 movie, force-fed him cheeseburgers for a few months and then cracked him in the face with a shovel.

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