10 of the Greatest ‘Left 4 Dead’ Mods


So after thirty years of it being out, I finally got around to playing Left 4 Dead, and though it looks like a PSone game most of the time, it is generally a lot of fun. It’s crazy intense non-stop action, and even thought you’re swarmed by hordes of zombies on a nearly constant basis, it’s never impossible enough to be overly frustrating.

But I played it for 360, and I know in the PC version, you can make some pretty awesome mods for the game. After a bit of searching, I’ve decided that these ten are my favorite.

1. Mushroom Massacre


My favorite map creation. If only they could make zombie Toad.

2. Left 4 Portal 

Wait, how the…?

3. Barricade Builder

Perhaps the only USEFUL mod in this list.

4. Thriller Menu

Simple, but crazy awesome.

5. Zelda Labyrinth

It’s not Hyrule, it’s a temple, but still cool.

6. Dawn of the Dead – Crossroads Mall

Appropriate for the game you’re playing.

7. Macho Man


8. Pee Wee Herman


9. Terrible Teletubbies


10. And because it’s an unwritten rule of the modding community that any PC game with a female character must be hacked so that you can see her naked, we have the Topless Zoey (NSFW, duh)


The first guys created the entire Mushroom Kingdom from scratch, but you took a girl’s shirt off and are instantly a thousand times more popular. Bra-vo.

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  1. They should of made the macho man and pee wee herman ones be when the playable characters talk. they could probably mod you to play as anyone and mod everything you say.

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