Hey Look, a Gallery of a Guy Dressed as Raiden for Once

Poor Metal Gear Solid’s Raiden, like the Legend of Zelda’s Link, is just one of those characters who simply looks better when cosplayed by a female. Blame Japanese character design for that fact, but it’s true, as the characters are generally pretty feminine in the games.

But today we have the rare appearance of a good MALE cosplayer who is taking the reigns back from the ladies with this rather excellent and highly, highly detailed Raiden costume.

His name is PhDPepper, though I suspect that might be an alias. He spent forever making the costume and then got it shot by a few professionals from BlankLogo and Big White Bazookas. I think he went a bit effects heavy with a few of the shots, but it definitely is a really cool gallery and costume. Check it out for yourself below.

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