Avenge Hyrule

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Yeah, I’ve seen better photoshop projects in my day, but there was just something about the idea behind this that struck me as rather cool, and I think the transformation works.

Anyone want to take bets on when we will actually see a live action Zelda movie? After there are no more comic book heroes or board games and Mila Jovovich is too old to keep making crappy Resident Evil films, perhaps The Legend of Zelda will have its due.

Now, I don’t think there are too many ways this could go where it would end up an actual great film. A “gritty” version like the one above, Miyamoto would never allow, as he shouldn’t. Handling it too goofily would result in something horrific like the Zelda show we had years ago. It would be tough to strike the right tone here, and I vote they probably shouldn’t even try.


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  2. The Black Halo July 30, 2012
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