Avenge Hyrule

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Yeah, I’ve seen better photoshop projects in my day, but there was just something about the idea behind this that struck me as rather cool, and I think the transformation works.

Anyone want to take bets on when we will actually see a live action Zelda movie? After there are no more comic book heroes or board games and Mila Jovovich is too old to keep making crappy Resident Evil films, perhaps The Legend of Zelda will have its due.

Now, I don’t think there are too many ways this could go where it would end up an actual great film. A “gritty” version like the one above, Miyamoto would never allow, as he shouldn’t. Handling it too goofily would result in something horrific like the Zelda show we had years ago. It would be tough to strike the right tone here, and I vote they probably shouldn’t even try.

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  1. I can see all the ways this could go horribly, horribly wrong yet one thing gives me a glimmer of hope. The April Fools Day IGN prank from some years back where not only did they create a LoZ film trailer but made it look good enough to crush people when they found out it was not to be. The right story would have to be crafted for a film and I believe that Ocarina of Time could just be that. Dare I trust Hollywood to make this? No. But I have hope to one day be proven wrong.

  2. Honestly I believe the more “real/gritty” road is the only road that would work, similar to the batman franchise. The key would be doing the movie without it having a dungeons and dragons, lord of the rings feel to it. Swords and shields, Bow and Arrows, magic, battling strange creatures, etc. Even though the franchise has all those similarities for some reason it always set itself apart. Hire Christopher Nolan, use the backgrounds and settings from Game of Thrones, and you have yourself a masterpiece.

  3. I think if they aim for the tone of the Marvel movies– fun, but not overly silly– it could work. Trying to do the tone of the Nolan Batman movies is a terrible idea. Those movies only worked because the writing, acting, and directing was fantastic, and because the Batman comics had already laid the groundwork for dark, psychologically complex stories. I admit to not being very familiar with LoZ, but I get the impression that it’s tone is more light-hearted, fun adventure. I think any movie adaption would be best served to try to recreate that tone, and focus on what made people love the games, rather than try to distort it into something it’s not on the mistaken belief that angsty automatically equals good.

  4. I think it could be done, but the one doing it would have to know the Zelda world inside and out. As for a plot, being goofy would be too kiddish and would result in something of a flop like the cartoon (boy was he an annoying jerk in that) and doing something too serious would result in the whole thing border lining being a horror film. It needs to be on that delicate balance line between being something that kids want to (and can) go see and being a serious, action filled film with the elements that would entertain an adult. In short, it needs to be produced almost exactly in the same context that the games are. Something I can’t say I’d trust Hollywood to be able to do anymore. I’d most likely trust Disney/Pixar with something like this before I would Hollywood. Although I can’t say Disney/Pixar has had any live-action movies worth a salt since the very early 90s.

    The best bet would be to either find a devoted fan to put it together or leave it to a Japanese director to create it, someone like Mizaki (who created Spirited Away). As for which game would be the center of the plot. I think the one that would be most likely accurate in the minds of fans/players would be A Link to the Past. Because, despite all attempts for there to be some romantic sort of connection between Zelda & Link, originally there really wasn’t one and that particular game walked the line between a close friendship and a romantic relationship between the two. I read a comic version of the game and I feel that it would be that story that most closely relates not only to how Link always interacts with Zelda in nearly all the games, but also how the players feel about the princess. Granted, there were probably a few die-hard fans who had crushes on the princess when Nintendo came out with versions of her that were more 3D or from reading the comics or even seeing the show, but most players didn’t feel any sort of attachment to the princess any more than Mario has ever been attached to Princess Peach.

    I’ve played almost all of the games, so I figure my opinion is at least worth 2 cents and while I haven’t seen all the cartoon (since I didn’t like the first episode and stopped watching), and I’ve not read all of the comics out there I have been a devoted player of the games since The Legend of Zelda was released when I was just a young kid (yeah, I’m showing my age).

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