So How About that Man of Steel Trailer?


Holy shit.

Those were the first two words that popped into my mind after viewing this new Man of Steel trailer for the first, second and third times. We’ve only had a brief teaser up until now, and this is our full length look at the next evolution of Superman.

Love him or hate him, Zack Snyder knows how to craft one hell of a trailer. Personally, I’m a Snyder fan. 300 is my favorite guilty pleasure movie, and I thought Watchmen was very well done, however unnecessary its existence was. The black spot on Snyder’s resume would be the borderline unwatchable Sucker Punch, but from what I’ve seen here, I have faith that he’ll be redeeming himself with Superman Returns.

Visually, the film looks incredible, and Henry Cavill is the burly Superman that Brandon Routh never was. I know it’s cool to “go darker” for superhero movies since Nolan’s Batman started the trend, but “thoughtful” doesn’t necessarily mean “dark,” and that’s what this looks to be. I wonder how much influence producer Nolan exerted over proceedings.

I’m hesitant to get my hopes up, as Superman is a notoriously tough character to humanize (hah), but damn, I can’t help but be impressed by this first trailer. What about you?

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  1. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a good Superman movie. He just needs a villain he can throw down with. Superman 2 was good for that very reason. Superman threw a lot of punches. The Times Square fight was awesome. The story looks like classic Superman fare which is good enough. I just hope that the special effects aren’t overly bombastic like Green Lantern.

    Really looking forward to seeing this.

  2. In the Comics, they had Superman hold a mirror up to his face to reflect his own eye lasers and shaved that way.

    Nolan and Goyer are responsible for the story and are the two credited writers so far…I think their involvement is huge.

  3. Glad to see they’re putting a touch of the “zen master superman” angle into the character. That was always the most interesting part of the All-Star run for me.

  4. @asd

    I don’t know if you were joking or not, but I’m pretty sure that superman’s beard is invulnerable to the sun. Also, Big Bang Theory is a horribly unfunny show.

    That being said, I love this trailer and this new take on Superman. June 2012 can’t come soon enough!

  5. Ugh first half of the trailer was just annoying. I don’t care about Clark and his whiny bs whinyness. Just become Superman and do stuff. And for the love of god I know Superman can fly already, everybody knows that. It doesn’t have to be every trailer’s money shot.

  6. Yeah, I was split. There was an undercurrent of ‘greatness’ that I loved, but it also looked like they were gonna explore the same territory already plumbed by SMALLVILLE. Hopefully, there will be more balance to the whole picture since this is only the trailer. I do agree that this trailer looked much better than the first one.

  7. Don’t get how you can like Watchman but say Sucker punch was horrible, Most people I have spoken to say it’s the over way around. The only watchman fans I have met are those who read the comics originally. But that’s just my experience.

    As for the trailer, not bad, but I don’t think Cavill is the right man for the role. He doesn’t have the right look to his face (too narrow a face) and the only thing I have seen him in was the terrible film “Immortals”. I have been proved wrong before though and hope to this time as the rest of the trailer looks quite good.

    I just hope they don’t spend too much time on the origin again. We don’t need to see him learning to fly or accidentally setting fire to furniture with his heat vision. We want to see him punch the crap out of robots and throw heavy objects around the place.

  8. I love the idea that that shot in the closet is him hearing everythign, and his mom talking him through it… His dad being protective, but him just doing what feels right. It’s cool, and I’m excited. My only knock on it is that it really needs the John Williams music, just as he’s getting ready to fly off.

    My wife found the cape distractingly bad, and on repeat viewings of the HD trailer, I have to admit it is overly fake looking. His flying looks great until he gets into space, too… Suddenly, it looks like a CGI cut scene. Hopefully those scenes arent’ as jarring in the final film.

    My wife was relieved to see how he looked, facially, here… We saw him out with Gina Carano, and he’s trimming back down to his normal weight and his face just looks bloated (I was secure enough in my manhood to stick up for him, talking about the effects of protein and creatine on “bloat face,” but I was pretty much justs checking out Gina anyway). He looks chiseled and appropriately superheroic here.

  9. I just can’t believe you guys are actually talking about the face of the actor! I mean, come on!!! Does it really have anything to do with anything? Superman could be Steve Buscemi for all I care (well, maybe not, but it could be very cool!).

    The trailer look awesome, but it is just what it is… a trailer! The Amazing Spiderman trailer got me all work up, just to be let down in the end. Then again, the trailer for Zombieland left me indifferent and it turn out to be an amazing movie (for my taste anyway)!

    I personally love every Snyder movie, even with their flaws. Matchmen was just too long and it became boring at the end. But can anyone say that it didn’t looked incredible?

    Finally, I have to agree with Paul : Holy Shit! I can’t wait to see it in theatre!!!

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