Pacific Rim May Fail, But I’m Really Glad It Exists

pacific rim

Analysts are starting to worry that Grown Ups 2 is getting more audience buzz ahead of its release than Pacific Rim, which isn’t good considering one uses about $100M more of CGI giant robots and monsters. This is Guillermo del Toro’s chance to do the balls-out blockbuster monster movie/gundam tribute he’s always wanted, but it could end up costing him and his studio dearly.

But damn, for those of us who like that sort of thing? I really can’t wait for this. There hasn’t been a good giant monster movie in eons, and Cloverfield barely counts because you saw the actual monsters like 3% of the movie. I’m talking about full on Godzilla style warfare, the type I grew up watching as a kid, even if it was just a guy walking around in a suit kicking cardboard buildings over.

The above poster was made by Grzegorz Domaradzki and is in the style of the movies I’m talking about. I also love that “fake Japanese but really English” font that I now totally want to download.

[via GeekArt]

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  1. I haven’t been looking forward to a movie like this since… oh, quite a while I’d think. Here’s hoping it’s a bit of a hit, because del Toro is overdue for a position as a true creative force in the industry.

  2. Amen on the sentiments for GOOD MONSTER MOVIES! I really could care less whether or not this ends up being Transformers-lite or even Transformers-like for that matter … I’m in it FOR THE MONSTERS. (On a message board, I predicted this would scare up respectable business, but I don’t think it’ll do gangbusters. Could it? Sure. Will it? Hard to tell b/c methinks most folks do think of it as a Transformers rip-off.)

    Personally, I think del Toro’s rep is more than a bit bloated, but I can dig that others dig him.

  3. Psst. Gareth Edwards’ “Monsters” came out only three years or so ago. Ditto “Troll Hunter”. “Garuda” and “Godzilla: Final Wars” are still under ten years old. “Gamera The Brave” was alright, and I think PJ’s “King Kong” qualifies as a good giant monster flick as well.

    Pacific Rim may well fail with the plebs, but the fact that something like this even got made by someone as worthy as del Toro is already an epic geek victory. Now if they’d just let him make “At the Mountains of Madness”, my life would be complete.

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