A Gallery of Very Sad Keanus


Alright, so I’ve avoided this internet meme for about as long as I’m able, but I figure the best way to get over something is to just cram it all in for one shot and then never look back.

The above two pictures of Keanu Reeves were taken the other day, and apparently the entire internet thought he looked sad and felt bad for him. Further Keanu research revealed that he’s actually a really cool dude, donating most of his big salaries to either cancer research or the crews of his films.

So everyone decided to photoshop all these pictures of him looking sad into slightly more hilarious situations in the hope of cheering him up, and I’ve rounded up some of the best ones for you below.


Keanu Sad













[via MyConfinedSpace]

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  1. I’m probably in the minority here but I really like Keanu Reeves. I don’t think he’s an amazing actor but given the right roles he can be very good. Most of the time he gets a bad rap for shit like The Devil’s Advocate but he should have never tried that southern accent in the first place. But in movies like The Matrix, Speed, and Bill and Ted he is awesome.

  2. Haha some of these are great!

    It’s nice to see an actor just chillin’ and having some chips on a bench because sometimes I find myself doing the same thing watching the world go by..

    ( you do some weird things when you do night shift.. )

  3. When I arrived here a talking flash ad for some toilet cleaner or something started playing. It was incredibly obnoxious. I especially like how there’s no obvious way to turn it off. Article wasn’t bad.

  4. Reeves is the man..dude can disappear in the digital age. Giving away his money like that? Altruistic. Empathetic. Always looks like he has something going on upstairs that none of us can see. Doesn’t age..I’m starting to think “The Matrix” was a documentary.

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