The Expendables: Video Game Edition

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I remember when the first Expendables’ cast was announced, and males across the country collectively crapped themselves with how awesome it sounded. It was our greatest action heroes all rolled up into one film, and therefore it had to be the coolest action movie ever made, right?

Eh, maybe not, but it was a hell of a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to this weekend’s sequel regardless.

Above, a clever photoshopper got the idea in their head that the same concept could be applied to video games. If we assembled the manliest men in all of gaming, who would we get? I have to say this is a pretty damn good collection, even if it does highlight how many games are led by grizzled white men. I guess Commander Shepard could technically be any race or gender, but naturally the default is white male with a buzz cut.

Be sure to read the credits at the bottom for some bonus guest stars.

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  1. Shut up and take my money! Is what i would say if it had one of the greatest video game heros ever… B.J. Blazkowicz. And i would be insulted if Master chief was in here.

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