Seven Awesome Hats in Movies

Many times what defines a character in a movie is their personality and their actions.   I mean in one movie you may know a character is extremely talkative.  Or another is always quiet and so on.  However, sometimes it’s an external prop that can help enhance that character’s definition.

In fact, sometimes these props can be a staple in the lifetime of said character.  One such prop that we’ll be focusing on is the hat.   I feel like in these seven cases, without these hats, the characters would definitely be missing something.

Here are seven awesome hats in movies…..

Indy’s Hat – Indiana Jones Movies

Could you even imagine going back through the Indian Jones movies and not seeing the famous fedora hat on Harrison Ford’s head?  It would be almost as silly as imagining him not carry his whip.

Willy Wonka’s Hat – Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Just for the record I want no mention of Johnny Depp playing Willa Wonka ever.   That’s a memory I’d like out of my head.   When we’re talking Gene Wilder we’re talking one of the best movie hats ever (not to mention the entire ensemble).

Lloyd Christmas Cowboy Hat – Dumb and Dumber

You can also go with their top hats when they arrive at the charity ball, but the ridiculously oversized hat he wears when you see him talking to the old lady on the motorized cart is priceless.

The Posse’s Hats – Tombstone

I just have one word:  Badass.

Mick Dundee’s Hat – Crocodile Dundee

Did I just say badass for Tombstone?  Excuse me.  Having a hat lined with crocodile teeth is about as manly and badass as you can possibly get.  This one just might be my winner.

Blues Brothers Hats – The Blues Brothers

Can you even fathom seeing this movie without these guys wearing hats?  I think it might be impossible.

Uncle Bucks Hats – Uncle Buck

I couldn’t think of hats any more fitting than in this film.  Remember his fur one too.

*I know there are plenty of others but these are probably my favorites   Any additions would be appreciated!

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  1. Woody Strode in Once Upon a Time In the West

    Orson Welles’ Hank Quinlan, in Touch Of Evil

    The cap over Ray Liotta’s trepanned head, in Hannibal

    The period headgear of Ironweed

    Laurel & Hardy, whether sporting their bowlers or whatever other sort of headgear their profession-of-the-moment demanded: Babes In Toyland , Flying Deuces

  2. It wouldn’t be a prime Humphrey Bogart movie without his awesome fedora. I think he’s the reason everyone owns at least one in their closet. And a trench coat.

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