Memorable Moments in Movies: The Matrix Freeze Frame


The Wachowski Brothers’ tale of cyber-messiah Neo and his head trip down the alternate-reality rabbit hole introduced cutting-edge technology that sent ancient martial arts (and movie effects) into the 21st century. Reeves trained for four months with choreographer Yuen Wo Ping, and the awesome finale between Reeves and Hugo Weaving set the standard by which all action scenes would be judged for years to come.

I mean seriously guys.  Think about it.   Just think about action scenes today and the ways in which characters fight, move, and even shoot weapons.   This extra “nudge” that we say was in large part due to the technology that The Matrix introduced.   And we even see it in comedies that make fun of action films.

Personally I thought it was hilarious in the movie Deuce Bigalow when Deuce fights a prostitute.   I can’t believe the Matrix is nearly 15 years old.

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