The Eight Most Absurd Arnold Schwarzenegger Videos


I’m not sure if there will ever be another action star quite as dynamic as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but if there is, I really, really hope his name is easier to spell.

There’s just no one that can match his level of hugeness, something that we’ve talked about at length on the site before, and I just felt like arraigning a video tribute to him today after watching him pop up in The Expendables trailer along with all his 80s action brethren.

1. On a 1973 Game Show

Afterward you know he banged all of them. At once.

2. Arnold Smokes Weed

Where can I get an “Arnold is Numero Uno” shirt?

3. Arnold’s Batshit Insane Japanese Commercial

Yet it’s still better than Batman and Robin

4. Pumping Iron montage

LOOK AT HIM! You cannot tell me that he wasn’t built in a lab somewhere.

5. 160 Best Quotes

Good lord, probably the greatest quote collection for any actor ever.

6. Being Hit by an Egg as Governor

He doesn’t even feel it until Secret Service starts brushing it off!

7. Commando Killcount

Now THAT would make for a good drinking game

8. Explaining the Sexual Satisfaction of Weightlifting

By far the greatest celebrity quote of all time.

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  1. im not here to comment on the videos, because i cannot see them here at work. im here to comment on the new look of the banner, which i think is tittiessssss!

  2. I was so surprised that last clip wasn’t all over the internet when he was running for governor. Considering Howard Dean was brought down with one simple YEARGH you’d think Arny talking about cumming would have ended him??

    I had the misfortune of seeing that clip with my dad. We were sitting on the couch flipping channels and he sees Arny on, so we watch for a minute, then Arny throws that one out… awkward silence… change channel….

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