Amazing Behind the Scenes Photos of the Batman vs. Bane Fight

It was a legendary movie.  Clearly there were legendary moments.   But just how were those moments created?  Well, 1000s of things contributed to the making of The Dark Knight Rises and they are still being talked about today.   Photos from the set are still being released and I’m sure cut scenes are still being debated for release as well.

One thing that came to us were these awesome behind the scenes shots from a classic Batman and Bane fight.

We hope you enjoy them after the jump…..

Photo credit to Imgur

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  1. Since this was best action scene in whole DKR that isn’t saying much. Nolan can’t direct action. He is getting better, but he is still far from average regarding action.

  2. The definitions of “legendary” and “classic” sure have changed. They used to mean “standing the test of time while being universally appreciated as a benchmark of quality”, but apparently now they mean “I saw this thing a while ago and people are STILL talking about it, OMG!”. That fight was pure pro wrestling. If you want legendary, check out some Bruce Lee or Tony Jaa stuff. Hell, even JCVD kicks the crap out of this. Calling that fight classic is like calling Venom in Spider-Man 3 a classic cinema villain.

  3. the reason that this fight scene is LEGENDARY is not just the fight but the atmosphere ..the music during the fight gets your adrenaline goin..the shots in the movie ..the way it takes place in the perfect place for a comic book fight in the sewer just like in the comics..the sound effects..the legendary lines from bane..and when bane breaks the bat..awesome..

  4. meh… saw it last night again, felt like i was watching power rangers the movie or something. the whole trilogy wasnt that good either. the first and third movie was meh. the second movie was the only good one of the three.

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