Holy Crap, US Box Office

What does the worst weekend in years at the US box office look like? Like this.

I’ve noticed a drought of movies recently, as if Hollywood decided that The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises were enough for the summer and they could throw in the towel. The Expendables was fine, Bourne was less so, but man, have there been no worthwhile movies out lately.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Premium Rush was a huge bomb, but was actually worthwhile despite being about bike messengers. The JGL feature got almost no promotion however, and no matter how exciting a movie about bike messengers may be, it’s not exactly going to light the box office on fire. My review of that goes up in an hour.

And it’s not going to get better for a while either. Next week we have the fourth (fifth?) Resident Evil crapfest, and a Finding Nemo re-release in 3D. After that is the Judge Dredd remake, “Dredd,” which I’m sure will do as well as the Total Recall reboot (ie. not well). (Update: Dredd at 100% with 33 reviews? Color me impressed)/

The first breath of fresh air is Looper at the end of the month, and I suppose Taken 2 will do reasonably well the week after that, no matter how ill-conceived it may be. We have to wait all the way until November for Skyfall and then the last Twilight movie will probably burn the weekend box office to the ground.

Still, it’s a weird time for movies, and I don’t like it.

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  1. Total Recall wasn’t bad, even if it was necessary. I was a little disappointed not to see an Unreality review of it.

    Dredd was shown in it’s entirety at some “Con” a few months ago, everyone that saw it was amazed. Even if it doesn’t break records, it should be a decent flick.

  2. I watched Dredd last Friday (it came out then here, in Spain), and liked it very much, even though it was dubbed in Spanish. Very well done, full of action, no plot holes, nice photography and visual effects. Would watch it again for sure.

  3. they showed dredd in its entirety at comicon and it was very well recieved.

    the premise is like the raid, which was also awesome, but instead of 20 guys raiding a 14 floor tower, its dredd and woman dredd raiding a 200 storey tower.

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