The Trilogy Ends

I realize we’re probably all on Dark Knight overload this week, but I couldn’t let this slip by unnoticed. It’s a fantastic piece of poster art combining the villains of all three films into one, along with the hero that took them all down.

I guess Ras al Ghul couldn’t really work his way in there, but he didn’t exactly have an iconic visage other than being Liam Neeson with a goatee. Speaking of ,did anyone else laugh when they flashed back to when he said “My wife was taken from me.” It didn’t help that the trailer for Taken 2 had just played before the movie. The man will never be able to say that word seriously ever again.

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  1. I love it. @Drester This was a better movie. The Dark Knight was all about the Joker with little story. This movie was all about the story. It helps that they actually portrayed Bane correctly. I wish he was the true master mind behind the plot since he truly is Batmans equal, but cmon everyone knew who marion cotillard was the minute she took wayne enterprises over.

  2. I didn’t laugh at the Liam Neeson flashback about his wife, because apparently Liam Neeson is struggling mightily with the loss of his actual wife, who died in a skiing accident in Alberta in 2009.

    Crazy, terrible irony. These movies are cursed.

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