That Guy Actor of the Week: James Russo

You might be familiar with James Russo but then again I’d hardly think you would know him by name.   Think back to Beverly Hills Cop and you might remember his tiny role as Axel’s friend Mikey who gets shot.

Russo has that “criminal” look to him and as such has consistently been placed in roles where he plays a kind of “skeezy” guy.   Either he’s a criminal or should be one.

I happen to like Russo in just about everything he’s in.  In particular he was awesome in We’re No Angels, Donnie Brasco, Extremities, and a whole bunch of others.  With 138 titles to his name, Russo belongs on this website.

A Russo clip 

This is a pretty solid dedication clip.

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  1. I’m his cousin and haven’t seen him since the 1970 s but then I spent 22 years in prison . Used to watch his movies on weekends in the movie house upstate. My friends used to get a kick out of seeing Petey lu

    1. Still learning how to use these phones. Stuck in the 70s I guess. Be nice to catch up to you before I’m 60. You’ve got a huge following amongst the prison population in new York. You being Petey Links cousin.Caio

  2. He’s my cousin on my fathers side. Used to see his movies when I was upstate doing life did 22 years my friends used to enjoy watching Petey links cousin . My nickname. He always got killed used to Pisa me off. He’s very good and I hope he gets a breakout role one day. Maybe hell play me after I finish my book. Caio

  3. Jimmy it’s your cousin Pete. Be nice to hear from you one of these days. I waited 22 years to come home so maybe before I’m 60 ! Stay well . Caio

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