It’s Not Easy Being Green

Two of our most beloved fictional characters happen to be small and green, and if they existed in the same universe, it would be hard not to imagine them as friends.

Here Kermit and Yoda are hanging out in Dagobah’s swamps, with Kermit fishing and Yoda looking stoned as hell. You’d kind of have to be to hang out in a swamp for half you’re life.

Much thanks to the artist, whose name I cannot read because it’s a cryptic signature and apparently everyone who has ever posted this image on the internet has no idea where it actually came from.

Update: Artist found with better sleuthing skills than mine.

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  1. The artist is called Peter De Seve. Here is a link to his blog.

    I found this using tineye, an extension for firefox/chrome. It is essentially a reverse image search. It takes the hash tag of the image and searches its database for websites using identical or similar tags.

    I hope this will be helpful for some one in your line of work.

  2. Actually if you think about it, Jim Hensen (the creator and original voice of Kermit) and Frank Oz ( the voice of Yoda) were pretty good friends and worked on a lot of things together. Having Kermit and Yoda hang out together doesn’t seem like such a big stretch.

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