Memorable Moments in Movies: It Ain’t How Hard you Can Get Hit


Now, I’ll be the first one to say that anything having to do with Rocky after the movie Rocky IV should probably be stricken from the record completely.   However, you can’t deny that there weren’t some moments from Rocky V and Rocky Balboa that were worth seeing.

I mean you have to think awfully hard on Rocky V but I think that Rocky Balboa was a decent attempt at a closure type of film.   I mean Stallone looked disgusting because of the steroids but there was still some vintage Balboa in there that I clung to.

Perhaps the best moment in the entire movie is this scene right here.  It’s Rocky giving his son a “motivational speech” of sorts.  Truly a life lesson that if you watch you can certainly appreciate.

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  1. Love this movie. Just wish Sly used one of Survivor’s new songs from their new album the same year. “Fire Makes Steel” and “Reach” are both perfect for a montage.

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